Win #28–How I Got Started Writing Articles for Inside Karate!

It’s true, I wrote articles for Inside Karate in the 90s. I actually started writing in the 80s, and my last article came out in Inside Kung Fu two months ago, so I’ve been a writer for the mags for near 30 years. Here’s a win I got in the mail one day.

“I used to read your articles in Inside Karate and was excited when I found your web site.” RV

It shouldn’t surprise me, I mean, I used to take note of the writer’s names and the kind of articles they wrote, but I figured it was a writer thing. I was interested in the competition.

What I used to do was look at the magazine a year after it came out. I went down the subjects, and if any subject hadn’t been written about for a few months, I wrote a fresh article on it. That’s how I avoided writing the same old same old. I knew the editor liked those kinds of articles, and I knew he hadn’t seen one for a while, and at my heyday I used to sell 90% of the articles I turned in.

What was nice was it got to the point where I was accepted, and I could write about anything I wanted. People actually said nice things about me. Huh! Anyway, try that gimmick if you feel like being a writer for a magazine, I know Inside Karate is gone, but there are others out there.

BTW, you can pick up a free book with some Martial Arts kata in it at one of my websites.

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