I wrote a blog the other day, I think it’s on the Matrix Martial Arts blog, that talks about world peace, putting down the sword, and I had the most terrible thought afterwards.

The real meaning of Budo, when you go into the root of the hieroglyphics, is to ‘lay down the sword.’ To make peace.

In other words, you learn how to fight in order tolearn how not to fight.

In other words, you have to pick up the sword before you lay down the sword.

And here is the terrible realization:  I have to convince a thousand people to go to war, to create one man to go to peace.

Man! That’s ridiculous!

but that’s how many people start the martial arts, and nevermake it. Actually, the statistic is quite a bit worse than that. But…there it is.

I have to convince people to be warmonging savages just to get one fellow to believe in peace.

Oh, if only we weren’t all warmonging savages tobegin with…then I wouldn’t have to do anything!

Well, having dispensed that bit of cheer, go ahead and drop by Monster Martial Arts, pick up a free book, and learn to (choke) kill.

HanaKwanMass! (Hannakah, Kwanza Christmas!)

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