An Ancient Ninjitsu system is at the Heart of Karate Style!

We sometimes think that the ancient systems are the key to everything. But it turns out they were just passing bits and pieces back and forth. Here’s what one fellow said about his family system after learning matrixing.

“I started off learning ____ (family system) from my father, who learned it from his uncle, who in turn learned it from his father, and so on.  There wasn’t much too it – it was basically a garbled version of the 40 Monkeys, with some Judo basics, and no forms.  It turns out that this system is actually an ancient form of Ninjutsu that is no longer in existence today!”

It always amazes me how people hold to the old, imagine it as unbeatable, until it becomes a mysticism. The truth is that the old guys didn’t have the science we have today, and they didn’t have access to all the entire systems that we have today.

Still, the key is in how to put it all together. Not just whole systems, but how to put it together, that’s how you the truth of a karate style, and even decipher an ancient ninjitsu system

You’ll find the 40 Monkeys that are the truth of Ninjitsu systems in a course I call Matrix Kung Fu at Monster Martial Arts. Get a free ebook while you’re there. Win #66

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