Do You Have a Perfect Karate Punch?

Within the Karate Fist is Great Spirit

Do you have a perect karate punch? Or, for that matter, a perfect Taekwondo punch, or a perfect kenpo punch?

I was learning Sanchin Kata the hard way, out of a pan gai noon book. I would look at the pics, read the descriptions, and step back from the table the book was on and do it.

And, at the same time, I was talking to a friend about how to collect and sell ancient bottles.

Sanchin, sink the stance, connect with the earth, breth, energy out, punch.

And, you tap a rod gently into the earth, when you hear the ping of glass, when the rod taps differently, you have found a bottle.

Punch not with muscle, but with the collective energy of the earth. Use your chi.

And, then you have to dig down and find the bottle, being very careful not to break the glass.

Feel the power, feel the way the frame conducts the energy, make the fist tight…find the sensation of perfection.

And, you bring the bottle up and look at it. Is it cracked? Has the bottom broken? What kind of liquid did the bottle hold? What ancient secret have you uncovered.

I was struck by how our pursuits were the same. Digging for antique bottles was no different than plumping the soul; finding the perfection of a punch through precise actions.

Later, after developing a Perfect Karate Punch, I would write a book, The Punch, inspired by the things I would find. Make sure you check out the free book on the home page.

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