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What a Way to Run a Karate Business!

A lot of people blink at the way I run my Karate business. I’m referring to my internet martial arts business.
One, I do everything I can to keep my prices down. The reason is simple…competiveness. I watch guys put their ads up and sell their CD/DVDs for $148, $349, $732, or whatever…and they make a killing, for two months. Then their business drops to nothing, and they are left shopping for gimmicks to sell.
I, on the other hand, keep the price at $10 per disk, and I even keep the S&H reasonable. The price is low enough that people can take a chance, and people order from me, and they can order again and again, and I can take my time and find what works, make sure the product is well received, fix any mistakes, and…my growth is slow, but it never crashes.
In addition, I make sure I do the following…
Ship orders the morning of the very next biz day. I get an order in before 8 in the morning, and their is a good chance it is going out right then!
I try to answer all emails or address all blog comments within a couple of hours. Obviously if I’m working on a big project, got eight windows open, running programs madly, I can’t stop everything for a single email…but I sometimes do.
On those extremely rare occasions that I do get a complaint or there is a problem with an order, I try to handle it within one hour. I often toss in a freebie in the event of a complaint.
I understand that I exist only by the good will of my fellow man…and I work hard to deserve that good will.
Okey dokey, that’s how and why I run my karate business the way I do. I write a little blurb like this every six months or so just to let people know. Check out my site, Learn Karate Online. You’ll find the best martial arts at the best prices. Period.

Top Three Karate Tricks of All Time…and Boy are They Nasty!

Check out the video, then I’ll tell you my favorite three Nasty Karate Tricks. They’ll help you end any fight.

The first one is to break the fingers. Somebody grabs you, you grab their finger and bend it back and break it. Nothing fancy about this…just break it. What? You want to control politely? What if the guy has a friend? What if he jumps back and pulls out a gun? When push comes to shove and a real fight is about to pop, snap his finger and then do number two.
Number two…kick him in the apples. Short, sweet, and to the point, a kick in the cojones will bend the largest mugger at the knees, and, got to admit it, there is nothing more sweet than watching some bad ass doofus puke his pudding.
Now, that all said, save this trick for when your life is truly in danger, you can’t use it on the mat, or to control your drunk Uncle Bob…poke him in the eye. I mean, stick your finger in his eye up to the knuckle.
You can see why I say hold back on this one until your life is truly at stake. Crippling, maiming, putting some guy in the dark for his life…it is cruel punishment.
Anyway, those are my three tried and true favorite Karate tricks, and they will work every time. Check out Learn Karate Online if you want some great training tips, strong punches, and…hey, there’s even a free ‘mini-lesson’ on the site!

Real Karate, Real Freestyle, Putting Aside Fighting

Back in the sixties real karate instructors differed in their opinions towards freestyle. Yes, it was necessary to keep students in the door, but there was freestyle, and there was fighting. Check out the video, my student is really trying to stab me, and I use control instead of fighting to manage him. I’ll tell you about one of the wildest tournaments ever right below that.

My school went to a big tournament in San Francisco.

During one of the matches one of the brown belts jammed his finger, and the second bone on one of his fingers actually came out of the socket and slid over the third bone. The refs looked at it, said he had to go to a hospital and have somebody straighten it out. He wanted to fight, however, so he pulled it out himself and kept fighting.

Interestingly, in spite of this type of die hard enthusiasm, my instructor pulled the entire school out and went home. Well, he didn’t pull them out. He just gathered everybody together and said fighting had little to do with learning how to control an opponent through kumite. He said we were free to remain, and then he left. Everybody followed him.

He was right. Fighting is for people who don’t know the martial arts. A person who knows the martial arts controls his opponent. He predicts him, manipulates him, and does what he will with him.

That’s the difference, of course, between real karate and somebody who likes to fight, and that’s the difference between sport and a real martial art. Check out the variety of different Karate programs at Monster Martial Arts.

The Singular Attack of MMA Jujitsu v Karate Style Classical Martial Arts

classical martial arts

A Good Stance is a Good Defense Against a Single Leg Takedown!

The one thing I am always asked aout, as an instructor, is what do you do about the MMA Jujitsu type of attack. This isn’t just jujitsu, it’s wrestling, or any art where you take somebody down.

The attack is dive with a grab for the leg, and zingo bingo, you’re on the ground. At least, that’s the way it is in the MMA and the UFC.

Well, not really. You’ll notice that fighters in the octagon are relying on the single leg takedown less and less.

And, it used to be that nobody would even try it. Just too risky, somebody could clock you in the head while you’re bent over grabbing a leg, or maybe just knee you in the face. It just wasn’t a good attack.

What happened to make it popular?

What happened is that people who specialized in it entered the ring. People who spent hours a day working on that one martial arts technique  look unbeatable, so everybody decided that was the unbeatable technique.

What they should have done was realize that it wasn’t the technique, it was the dedicated training regimen. You put in an hour a day on single leg takedowns for a year and you will be able to do them to most people. Unless that ‘people’ has spent an hour a dya learning how to avoid that martial arts technique.

I am not attacking MMA or Jujitsu, or wrestling or any other sport. I am just advocating that people need to get more dedicated, then such thigns as the single leg takedown won’t look so great.

Truth, you need to be a well rounded martial artist with good conditioning and a healthy mind set.

Truth, while the single leg takedown is a great technique, you may want to avoid it on the street. It’s dangerous to roll around in the blood and the mud and the beer…and while the friends of the guy you’re fighting are coming arunning.

If you want a really well rounded approach to the martial arts, check out Monster Martial Arts. There’s an article there which will detail how to round yourself out. It is called ‘What’s Wrong with the Art?’ I hope it will help abuse people of lop sided training methods that result in such things as putting MMA Jujitsu v Classical Martial Arts.

How to Toughen Your Fists with Karate Techniques

hard fist

Toughen your Fist to have The Hardest Punch!

One of the neatest training devices is a simple box of sand. You make a spear hand and thrust downward. As time passes, you get deeper and deeper, and you learn how to be ore intense and demand that extra inch out of yourself.

Interesting, this is a method that is supposed to be used for sharpening knives. If you want a real sharp knife,  theory goes, you thrust knife down, and the sand whittles away at the edge.

Mind you, I have not played with this, so use at your own risk. And let me know if your knife gets damaged. I’ll put the results in ablog.

Anyway, your hand won’t get damaged by thrusting it into a bucket of sand. As a matter of fact, the fingers will become able to stand impact, your spearhand will start to shine, and you will have martial arts weapon of unusual intent.

Of course, your hand might look  a little gnarly, but that’s okay. Just hold up your hand and put a crazed expression on your face and nobody is going to want to fight you. Grin.

Have a great day, and if you want some great tips on toughening the hand, specifically how to have the hardeat punch, check out the book I’ve written. It is called The Punch, and it is at Monster Martial Arts.

Matrix Karate is a Martial Arts…and It Is Not

Many people back off from Matrix Karate. They think it is a watered down Karate, or a baby art, or something like that.

Fact, it is not watered down, it is intensified…because it is pure. Toss out the influences of the other arts, and you have one of the deadliest arts possible.

Fact, while there is a fighting art in the course, the true thrust of the material is towards presenting a method for analyzing all arts.

You see, you can make any art pure, and make any art deadly, if you toss out all the bushwah, poser crap and concentrate on distilling motion into the most logical format possible.

Yes, there is Karate, but Matrix refers to a mathematical grid which you use to plot all motion.

Thus, you can use the matrix on any art, make any art pure, and, BTW, ten times easier to learn.

Think about it this way…if you wanted to direct a fellow to a specific restaurant in New York, would you have him memorize a painting? Or would you write specific directions having to do with the exact streets he has to take to get there?

The fellow who is learning the martial arts today is memorizing paintings. The Matrixer is learning explicit directions which are exact and precise.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn more about how to Matrix Martial Arts.




Why People Learn Faster After Doing the Master Instructor Course

I’m sorry, but there is always the question of quantity versus quality, and in the martial arts this translates as…you can teach the movements, but how do you teach the essence, the ‘chi’ to it all. This is a fair question, and here is what one student had to say about it.

“I’m in the middle of Al Case’s Master Instructor’s Course and I had a realization…This school has found the common denominator of what works in all other martial arts from ALL other places and times; focusing on those essences and strengthening them directly. Which would be why people can learn so quickly… Working on any martial art at its face value would work on these essences very little and it would take 3 – 5 or even 10 years of training to get what your school does in 6 months to 1 year!”

The common denominator of the martial arts is simple, and it is simply taught. Yes, you could study for a dozen years, learn all the moves, and a certain amount of chi would finally seep into you.

Or, you can just get knowledge and do it.

Thank you.

check out the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts and see if what i say is true.  Get a free ebook on the home page.

Win #69

What Real Karate Is

First you learn to block and punch, go through some bruises, get excited about fighting, and that sort of thing.

If you are in a real system fighting starts to become secondary, you start working on silencing the inner chatter in your mind.

To concentrate on one thing, to the exclusion of extraneous thoughts in your head.

This is the real point of it all, can you get rid of so many thoughts that your head is silent all the time?

If your head is getting silent all the time, you are doing real karate. If it is not getting silent all the time, you are not.

This can be applied to other martial arts, but I found it easiest to perceive in Karate. Of course, that might just be me.

But it doesn’t happen in an art that isn’t a real art.

If you are interested in smooth and slick training programs that result in a silent head, come on over to Monster Martial Arts. It’s good stuff.

Those Who Talk Karate…and Those Who Do Karate

There are people who surf the net, google ‘Karate fighting,’ and thinks it’s so cool to see Kimbo Slice knock the crap out of some idiot.

Then there are those people who actively look for forms and techniques, study the moves, and think about what has happened.

The first guy is a Beavis and Butthead fellow, and these guys are why I don’t usually allow comments on my videos. They aren’t going to say anything nice. They drink beer and snicker and have an opinion…and know not facts.

The second guy is sincere and interested in what is happening. He’s comparing what he’s observing, searching for a truth. Chances are, this second guy has a kicking bag out in the backshed, or a homemade makiwara on a fencepost, and he even goes out in the backyard on a weekend day and works on these things called forms.

There’s two types of people in life. Always choose the second for your friends. Beavis and Butthead will just light you on fire and snicker. The second kind will help you move your refrigerator, lend you five when you’re short, and even come to your kid’s birthday party.

Pick up a free book on Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

How to Put Mushin No Shin in the Karate Fist

Mushin no shin means mind of no mind. simply, you get rid of all the garbage going on in your skull, and you dedicate yourself to doing one thing, and one thing only. In this case, the one thing involves the use of the karate fist, and punch powerful beyond imagination.

Interestingly, attempting to understand mushin no shin can result in mystical experiences, insights of supreme clarity  and understanding the universe, and so on.

The reason is because when you get rid of the mind, and start working at a spiritual nature, you perceive the universe differently.  You perceive it without eyes.

That said, mind of no mind, can actually be expressed as ‘Time of no time.’ You start perceiving time between techniques, you see.

Now, when I first realized this, I stopped punching with muscle, and started extending my arm like it was a stick. I stopped grunting and snapping and powering up, and simply held the ground with my feet, and extended the stick of my arm (fist) through my opponent.

Man, it worked like a miracle. Right from the get go, I was having to tone down my techniques, they were just causing too much pain, and threatening to cause severe damage.

Check out this video of me and a candle from over a foot away, I am just using mushin no shin, and the arm like a stick…

Hitting without hitting.

Striking spiritually.

It all makes sense with the simple concept. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of work out to get the concept, but you shouldn’t have to. After all, if you can understand what I just said here, you should be able to do it.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts to find out more. Check out the, it’s ina  link at the bottom of the home page.