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Splitting the Intention with the Classical Karate Back Stance

This is the first Classical Karate Stance I learned, and it turned out to be the worst.

The stance, you see is a split between a horse stance and a back stance. Thus, the intention goes to the side, nd to the front. It is split, and reduced in effectiveness. This is because the Japanese fell in love with power.

The correct positioning of the stance should be more weight on the rear leg, and the rear leg turned more in the direction of the stance. Thus, the leg is better ‘coiled,’ and the intention of the stance aligns with the physical nature of the stance.

Now, Shotokan, and other types of Japanese Karate do it the wrong way. Look to Shudokan, or some of the old Korean Kwans (Kang Duk Won) for the right way.

But, even then the stance may be wrong, as schools of thought change, and not always for the better.

Really, the true teacher is physics. Pay attention to the physics, and align your stance, your posture, and your functionality accordingly.

Anyway, if you want more data on correcting classical karate stances, or anything on the correct way to use the body, per physics and not mysticism or bad teaching, you’d have to check out the Master Instructor Course.