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The Truth About Making Money from Martial Arts knowledge

If you’re in the martial arts to make money, you’re not really in it. However, if you are in the martial arts because you don’t know why but you can’t stop, then you’re doing it right.

Most people make money by being famous, ruthless marketing, and that sort of thing. The real motivation here should be because the knowledge is exciting. Consider this win from the Master Instructor Course…

“I shared some of the material from the course. The students in the class were so excited with their new found knowledge. After that I closed the class with a discussion/demonstration with the 6 secrets. Needless to say I have been asked to return and received bookings for more training.”

The fellow makes money because he knows what he is talking about, and people respond. They aren’t awed, they are excited. Now if he can stay humble, not translate his success into the lust for money, but stay true to the art, then he’ll not only be there…he’ll stay there.

That’s the secret to making money in the martial arts, and it has nothing to do with money, it has to do with passion and love of art.

If you are in it for passion, go to Monster Martial Arts and check out the Master Instructor Course. Make sure you pick up a free book on Matrixing while you’re there.

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