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What a Way to Run a Karate Business!

A lot of people blink at the way I run my Karate business. I’m referring to my internet martial arts business.
One, I do everything I can to keep my prices down. The reason is simple…competiveness. I watch guys put their ads up and sell their CD/DVDs for $148, $349, $732, or whatever…and they make a killing, for two months. Then their business drops to nothing, and they are left shopping for gimmicks to sell.
I, on the other hand, keep the price at $10 per disk, and I even keep the S&H reasonable. The price is low enough that people can take a chance, and people order from me, and they can order again and again, and I can take my time and find what works, make sure the product is well received, fix any mistakes, and…my growth is slow, but it never crashes.
In addition, I make sure I do the following…
Ship orders the morning of the very next biz day. I get an order in before 8 in the morning, and their is a good chance it is going out right then!
I try to answer all emails or address all blog comments within a couple of hours. Obviously if I’m working on a big project, got eight windows open, running programs madly, I can’t stop everything for a single email…but I sometimes do.
On those extremely rare occasions that I do get a complaint or there is a problem with an order, I try to handle it within one hour. I often toss in a freebie in the event of a complaint.
I understand that I exist only by the good will of my fellow man…and I work hard to deserve that good will.
Okey dokey, that’s how and why I run my karate business the way I do. I write a little blurb like this every six months or so just to let people know. Check out my site, Learn Karate Online. You’ll find the best martial arts at the best prices. Period.