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Does Karate Change the Man, or The Man Change Karate?

Who, or what, does the changing in Karate. Interesting question, eh? I’ll give you more of an answer right after the video snippet.

Can you see any changes? Is it different than your Tekki or Horse Kata?

We study a fixed art, don’t change those forms, and that changes us. We adhere to a program, and become the program.

Yet, if we don’t change the martial art, the art will eventually stop changing us.

The art is a a manifestation of the spirit, and the truth of a spirit is that it must keep changing. This is the fact of creation.

So if you are an old dog who won’t alter a move to fit a situation…the porch is over there, go crawl under it.

But, if you are one of these rebel types, willing to put your chin out and risk a wallop, as long as you get to learn something, then you’re in the right company. Here’s a win.

Al I have enjoyed studying your work.  I love how it is changing the way I look at Karate and Hapkido. Respectfully James

This is a guy who’s learning Karate, and learning himself at the same time.

Check out my Evolution of an Art page. It offers three complete arts for cheap. Do the arts and you’ll understand how big an art can be. Pick up a free ebook on the home page while you’re there.

Win #58

Win #28–How I Got Started Writing Articles for Inside Karate!

It’s true, I wrote articles for Inside Karate in the 90s. I actually started writing in the 80s, and my last article came out in Inside Kung Fu two months ago, so I’ve been a writer for the mags for near 30 years. Here’s a win I got in the mail one day.

“I used to read your articles in Inside Karate and was excited when I found your web site.” RV

It shouldn’t surprise me, I mean, I used to take note of the writer’s names and the kind of articles they wrote, but I figured it was a writer thing. I was interested in the competition.

What I used to do was look at the magazine a year after it came out. I went down the subjects, and if any subject hadn’t been written about for a few months, I wrote a fresh article on it. That’s how I avoided writing the same old same old. I knew the editor liked those kinds of articles, and I knew he hadn’t seen one for a while, and at my heyday I used to sell 90% of the articles I turned in.

What was nice was it got to the point where I was accepted, and I could write about anything I wanted. People actually said nice things about me. Huh! Anyway, try that gimmick if you feel like being a writer for a magazine, I know Inside Karate is gone, but there are others out there.

BTW, you can pick up a free book with some Martial Arts kata in it at one of my websites.