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Win #27–Beating Pain through Good Karate Technique

There are two types of pain: one is the warning that you are getting damaged, and the other is used to grow yourself.

If you are in danger of being damaged, back off. Fight again another day.

But, if you can appreciate pain, then you can use it.

When somebody blocks, breath into your tan tien, and send a flow of energy down the blocking arm. Make your arm tight. Let the energy become rigid. Now, something is going to happen…you have a decision to make.

If you decide to take the pain, it is going to hurt.

But, if you jump back, and make a decision that it’s not going to hurt, that the other guy is going to hurt himself…then it will be so.

Here’s a win from one of my students.

“I am more willing now to confront pain. Obviously pain is not a great thing but when it does occur I am more easily able to confront it and continue on with what I am doing. I don’t have to run away every time I experience a bit of pain.”

Look, it’s a decision, and it is one of those decisions that only Karate will bring you to.

So, do you want to experience pain? Or do you want to make up your mind that it doesn’t hurt…period.

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