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Real Karate Techniques Don’t Use Muscle Memory!

I come across these internet huckster sites every once in a while, or some psycho babble fellow who thinks he knows something, and they talk about increasing muscle memory, but they are just plain wrong. The fact is that real karate techniques don’t use muscle memory, nor do any other martial art, be it kenpo or aikido or whatever.  Check out the video, and I’ll tell you all about it in the article right below.

First off, who’s fighting (doing the martial arts drill)? You are. You use muscles, they don’t use you.

When somebody punches at you, do you jump out of your body and let your body fight? Nah. That’s just silly.

When you get in a  fight  you tell your body what to do, and it does it. And you don’t rely on muscular memory patterns.

Yes, when you first memorize something, there is a pattern, and you could call that muscle memory, but it is really installing a circuit in your mind. Incorrect training and that circuit stays there. Correct training and that circuit goes, and you take charge.

The real key here is that people are interested in selling other people hogwash by fancy labels. So don’t believe that muscle memory crap. It is you memorizing, and then you doing, and you should be in charge of your muscles, telling them what to do in the moment, and without putting things on some sort of muscle automatic thing.

Look, the guys who won the championships will tell you that you must do the work, but that is a matter of spirit. You must do the punch, but that is a matter of you. Muscle memory has almost nothing to do with actual fighting, real karate techniques, nor any real martial art worth its salt out there. Check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, and you’ll find an approach that is so far removed from that type of thing you won’t believe it.

The Problem When You Learn Karate and How to Freestyle

When you learn Karate there are the forms and the techniques, and then there is how to freestyle. Why are they different? Why can’t you use the techniques from Classical Karate in Freestyle? Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about it.

There are two answers to this.

First, you can use bunkai in kumite, you can use those form applications in freestyle, when you are a black belt. But you can only use them against lower belts. Upper belts will be wise to your tricks, grin, and they won’t fall for it. But the lower belts, they just don’t know enough, haven’t practiced enough.

So your form techniques should work on the street, if you have a good instructor, a good system, and you have been a good student.

Second, there is a huge, massive gap of data; there are chunks of art missing from Karate (and other arts) which, if understood, will close the gap between classical forms and freestyle.

This is the thrust of the Matrixing method, to enable students to see those missing pieces, downsize that chunk of what you don’t know down to nothing, and you will find that classical forms and freestyle are virtually the same.

No, I am not kidding you…that’s the truth.

Over the years well meaning teachers have just not figured out what was missing, and have, in certain cases, contributed to the occlusion of data.

Here’s what one instructor had to say after seeing the Matrix Karate Course…

“…because of the Matrix concept, I have totally re-structured my self defense program…”

I get these kinds of wins every couple of weeks. Some guy is introducing matrixing, restructuring his class, and basically getting rid of that huge chunk of missing martial arts information.

If you matrix, you can learn  karate, and you can learn how to freestyle, and they will mesh and merge and come perfectly together. There will be all sorts of things that suddenly appear and make sense…things you didn’t even know existed. The Matrix Karate course is available at Monster Martial Arts.

How to Defeat a Sasquatch Using Karate Techniques!

It’s easy to take down a ton of Sasquatch with Karate Techniques if you have perfect timing, and you don’t have to be a Manswers fan to know that! Mind you, I don’t advocate hunting down one of these beasts to check out what I am going to tell you here, and I certainly don’t advocate cruelty to any animal. But if that 300 pound mugger comes at you on the street, some of these fighting techniques will prove invaluable.

First, a little lesson on your opponent. The Sasquatch, known as Bigfoot in some circles, weighs in at over 800 pounds. They have several daggers permanently affixed to their paws, and their teeth are a circle of uncommonly vicious knives.

Now, the BF, being rather longish, can stand eight to ten feet tall. This is perfect for towering over, and then crashing down upon, any idiot foolish enough to stand before it. The first karate defense technique, if one should find oneself standing in the shadow of a looming Sasquatch, is a front kick to the gonads.

Mind you, the coconuts tend to be a little big, and they do feel the pain. After the kick be sure to jump to the side, because if you have caused him to fall, he might fall on you! I don’t recommend waiting to try a second kick, because if you kicked a female (it’s hard to tell without all that hair) she might be a little peevish.

Okay, second line of defense, if you are successful in evading the fall of the giant, is to jump on the back of the monster and make him (or her) tap. Look, a well applied guillotine is worth its weight in gold, and there isn’t a Sasquatch alive who hasn’t heard of the Gracies. So hook under the chin, brace the arms, and apply pressure–a lot of pressure.

Okay, so maybe you don’t encounter an honorable monster, one who doesn’t come at you stand up, but rather charges in for a takedown and goes for the bite, whacha gonna do? The best thing is to watch the jaws carefully, and when they open, strike with a Karate spear hand! Don’t jerk back, as that would go against the curve of the fangs, rather, push forward and grab for the tongue!

Now, you’ve got a Sasquatch by the tongue, and suddenly he feels the fear! What if he could no longer lick that honey, eh? And then, there is the danger that you might get cantankerous and give a good yank and turn him all the way inside out!

Okay, maybe these techniques might not work in all situations, but you’re thinking now, right? You would never harm one of nature’s critters unless you were really hungry, but that mugger on the street…he’s a different matter! Fair game, and these Karate Techniques are going to save your live, loved ones, and wallet!