Win #25–Why People Fight Before They Learn Karate

And, if they are fighting before they learn karate, what happens to them that they don’t fight after they start learning karate.

The fact is, once you start making a plan for an emergency, the emergency doesn’t happen. This is one of those universe oddities.

The mugger won’t jump you while you’re looking…he’ll jump you when you’re not looking.

Where awareness is, you see, trouble doesn’t start. Here’s a totally generic win that is exactly on the spot.

“It’s not ironic that I’ve not had a physical confrontation since beginning my martial arts training under Al Case. What’s more interesting is that I enjoy this new life style.”

Now, you don’t know karate? Or some other martial art? You are a walking target. You will, somehow, actually cause somebody to jump you.

Let’s not talk about lack of confidence, or an inability to take care of business…you’re just unaware in a field of study that demands awareness, and once begun, you will always be protected by that awareness.

On another note, If you want an absolutely free book on Karate, go to

Don’t get mugged on the way. Heh.

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