Win #39–Does the Master Instructor Course Apply to only Karate Systems?

The Master Instructor course applies to all martial arts, and not to just Karate systems. Heck, there’s all sorts of things about throws, effortless throws, principles to be applied to karate katas, kung fu forms, martial arts applications any art, and so on and so on.

I think it’s a little easier to understand if you have a karate background, but still, any person from any art is going to be enlightened as a result of reading and doing this material. Here’s a win…

I received my Master Instructor videos yesterday. Awesome information and right to the point. LM

I get these wins from Karateka, kenpoka, aikidokas, kung fu-ists, Ninpo-ists, and on and on. These are the underlying principles, and they don’t just illuminate and make locgical any martial art, they put the martial arts together. Make one picture out of all of them. First time that has ever been done.

Anyway, if you want a taste of martial technology that applies to all arts, and not just Karate, email me for a free karate book.

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