Dharma Combat is Entirely Different Level of Fighting Ability

The instructor told me to raise my hands, block if I could, then he proceeded to pick me apart. It was a humbling experience, and one that got me hooked on the martial arts. The problem is that it is inefficient, and my real problem started when I tried to solve this problem of inefficient methods for learning freestyle. Before I get there, however, let me share a win…

‘I reached this conclusion while observing the progression of awareness that is necessary to move from one level of Dharma Combat to the next. It became very apparent to me that there is a distinct gradient of awareness that is followed.’

I figured out how to move people through freestyle drills into the fact of awareness, and I found I could teach a person to fight with awareness within an hour or two. I called it Dharma Combat. And the problem was that do I let people wander through the old methods, because there are other things they learn, like how to toughen up, how to face their mistakes, and other sorts of things, or doI just teach them, and th heck with the old methods.

In the end, I decided to just teach my methods, and let time sort it out. After all, if the student is a real martial artist they will persist in the arts, and the harder lessons will be learned no matter what.

You check out my methods to see if they work for you. The best way is probably by getting the free book on Perfect Karate.

Win #43

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