Black Belt Karate Course

Welcome to the Black Belt Karate Course

I hope you took advantage of the Free Karate Lessons, because you’re going to need them. You see, I’m going to take you all the way from White Belt to Black Belt!

And, I’m going to do it fast!

black belt karate course

This is the Karate Mind that a Black Belt has.

You see, I took a fellow to Black Belt. I used all my skill, worked the heck out of him, and poured everything I could about Karate into his cranium!


How would you like 120 lessons (okay, 119) from a fellow who has been Practicing Karate since 1967?

How would you like to be the flea on the wall watching those lessons? Benefitting from near FIFTY years of Karate practice?

Picking up all the tricks, the nuances, everything that makes a Black Belt Karate Course work?

And…how would you like to pay less than  buck a lesson for that black Belt course?

Go on, look around. You won’t find anything like that!

That’s less than 99 cents a lesson, 119 lessons, from a guy who was studying Karate when Bruce Lee was alive, when the martial arts were relatively unknown, when they’re weren’t even any movies with martial arts in them!

This is a guy who studied so hard that when he submitted articles for magazines (Inside Kung Fu, Inside Karate, Black Belt), that he was asked to write a column!

That’s nearly FIFTY years of pure, hard core, hard fought for knowledge!

Let me ask you, do you want to be a Karate animal?

Do you want the fierce glow of Martial Arts in your soul?

Do you want to take a black belt karate course that will make you strong, calm, confident, and able to be trusted in any emergency?


So just press the paypal button and get started on the journey of a lifetime!

black belt course

By the way, 119 lessons, at two lessons a week, is a solid year of lessons. And these are lessons that you can watch over and over, making sure you don’t miss one fine point. These are lessons that you can pick apart. See something you don’t understand? Just email me and ask.

And, BTW, I delivered this course in just three months. So you could actually do them in three months…but I recommend taking a little extra time, working your basics over and over with every class, making sure that you know the forms and techniques, and haven’t just memorized them.


Do something once and you’ve seen it.

Do something a hundred times and you’ve memorized it.

Do something a thousand times and you know it.

Do something ten thousand times and you have mastered it.

I’ve been teaching people since 1968. I’ve been selling courses on the internet since 2003. If I don’t deliver what I promise, please ask for your money back. Al Casemoney back

This has been a page about learning how to do Karate.

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  1. Hi sir I have some of your books. I am looking for DVD videos of kang duk won forms ,white belt through black belt. I do not want the kung fu forms that used to be in kang duk won, as master park took them out some years ago before he died. I have a black belt in kang duk won that I received in modesto california through master Philip rushing and master merafuentes. I just want to remember all the forms i have forgotten over the years. Please let me know if you can do this and what the cost would be. I have a PayPal account for payment. Thank you for your time, ken.

  2. The style in this course is goju ryu?

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