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Barring the use of actual weapons, the kick is your longest range real weapon when you have to do karate. Being the longest range weapon, it is the first zone of defense an attacker will have to confront. And, should there be real weapons, having a good kicking ability may be the advantage you need to survive the attack.

how to do do karate kicks

Do Karate Kicks Thousands of Times a Day!

There are many types of karate do kicks. Unfortunately, many kicks are for show. This article will avoid the type of karate kick where one turns his back, or otherwise reveals weakness during the technique.

The first thing to remember is that legs must be fast, so you should practice hundreds and hundreds of kicks whenever you do your work out. This means that you must practice using your kicks until they are easy and intuitive. The old saying comes to mind–the arms must be as strong as the legs, the legs must be as quick as the arms.

Most people do not get their knees high enough when they execute their technique, so you should practice kicking over a chair. The knee must raise up high enough so that the foot can be driven into the opponent on a straight line. You don’t want your foot scraping along your attacker’s skin, you want it penetrating like a nail driven by a sledge hammer.

Most people do not know how to put hips in their kicks, so you should hold a broom against your hips and make sure you are turning ( or not overturning) the hips. The hips are the mallet, they are what drive the good kick. Thus, you must turn your hips slightly, or tilt them, to drive that foot into the opponent.

It is crucial to put weight into your kick, so practice shoving heavy objects. Find something that weighs as much as a human body, and practice kicking it and actually making it jump across the floor. The further it jumps, the more weight is in your kick when you do karate.

Most important, work with karateka. It is okay to examine your kick by how it moves a bag, but a bag is usually lighter than a human body. Get a training partner and practice ‘planting and pushing’ and watching the effects of what happens when you actually do karate on a human body.

In closing, kicks are vital, but you must have the patience to forge them. You must pass beyond fatigue in your efforts to perfect your kicks, and this goes for all arts, not just karate, taekwondo, kenpo, or whatever. Most important, you must implement the advices of this article when you do karate, and you must have total faith in yourself.

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