Karate Application with Cutting Edge Graphics! (Grin)

Karate Application from Buddha Crane Karate

A Karate application is the heart of the art. If you are having trouble with making your art work, or even using your martial art as a springboard to enlightenment, you simply need to look at making the form applications work. This increases control, and that is what the art is all about.

karate technique

This martial art application is from Buddha Crane Karate. I’ll explain certain things about the art, and the stick figures I use to illustrate this Karate self defense move after the technique.

Karate technique 1


The Attacker steps forward with a right punch. The Defender executes a left middle outward block and a right low block. The right low block, of course, could be a strike to the groin.



Karate technique 2The Defender grabs the attacker’s right wrist and steps in with a horizontal elbow to the face. You could actually start this technique with either foot forward.




Karate Technique 3Push the attacker’s right arm up and back while inserting the right arm past the attacker’s neck. This gives you two ‘spokes’ to turn in executing a wonderful takedown.





This Karate Application is called an Insertion Throw. If the attacker is taller you may have to place your arm under his arm (across his body), instead of against his neck. Be prepared to execute ‘Shock and Lock’ strikes to make this work. Be prepared to walk in a circle behind your attacker.

How many more applications can you find in the lines I have shown you?

I wrote the book this technique comes from (Buddha Crane Karate) back in the nineties. I used Appleworks because there weren’t any graphics programs. Interestingly, drawing hundreds of figures line by line actually taught me some interesting things about the body and how it works.

Anyway, the book is the first time I ever tried to make the theories of the Create Your Own Art Course work.

This has been a page concerning a specific karate application.


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