Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year black Belt


extreme karate

I felt a presence at the door to my dojo,
and my student suddenly stiffened.

I looked over,
it was an instructor from
a ‘rival’ school.
I knew who the Instructor was,
he had studied in China for a number of years,
claimed to know Monkey and Iron Palm,
and all sorts of other things.

The look on his face showed
that he had come ready to fight.

this was nothing new to me.
Several of my students had come to me
and told me tales
of how I was reviled.
All the other instructors in town
were saying that I was a disgrace to the art,
I should be beaten up,
and thrown out of town.

I ain’t kiddin’.
And those were the mild threats.

And here was some fellow
ready to bleed,
ready to fight to the finish,
all because he had heard
I taught a One Year Black Belt course.

The funny thing was,
he was ready to fight,
and he had no clue as to what I could do.
he had no clue what  was involved in
a One Year Black Belt Course.
But he wanted to  fight.

He had to defend The Art,
you know.

I grinned at my student,
and said to the instructor,
‘Come on in!’

The rival instructor looked confused then.
He expected anger,
front kicks,
a death battle.

He didn’t expect a smile.

I pushed a chair over to him and said,
‘You own that Kung Fu school over on 3rd St.
How’s it going?’

‘Well, uh….”

‘Glad you came over,
been a lot of interest
in what I do.
The One Year Program,
you know.
Can I answer any of your questions?’

?He sat down,
and the look on his face,
was absolutely priceless.

He expected some sort of a confrontation,
and here I was
greeting him like an old friend,
ready to share whatever I had with him.

‘Well, I did wonder about it.’
He spoke hesitantly,
with a trace of belligerence
trying to seep into his voice.

here it is,’
I tossed him my checklist.
‘These are the most workable techniques
I could find in all of Karate.’

He gazed raptly at the list of techniques.
His mind was moving a mile a minute.
He was trying to understand it all.
I mean,
he had all my data,
right there,
if he could just…

‘You know what my real problem is?’

He forced his gaze off the techniques
and looked up at me.
‘Uh, what?’

I held up the manual
I used to train students.

He eyed it like it was gold.
He just knew it was my ‘Secrets.’

‘If I could just get students
to understand this stuff,’
I said,
‘then everything on that list would work perfectly.’
He looked down at my techniques,
it was obvious he was torn between
wanting to know my techniques
and what was in my book.

I tossed him the book.
‘Don’t you agree?’

He paged through the book.
Unbelievably hungry.
And the look in his eyes changed.

‘This is what you’re teaching?’

Don’t you agree?
If I could just get students to understand this stuff…’

He put the book down.
and we started to talk then.

This is a true story.
we didn’t end up bosom buddies.
he never did like me.

knowing what I was trying to do,
he could no longer disrespect me.
And he would have loved
to have had copies of my techniques
and my training manual.

So what was in the program?
What was on that list and in that manual?

The hardest hitting techniques I could find.
The things that seemed to work
no matter what.
And the book was pure data
concerning  the how and why
of making the martial arts work.

I had already tried teaching other things,
I had made lots of mistakes,
and I had learned a lot.

I knew the proper balance of forms and techniques.
I knew how to t each freestyle,
I knew all the exercises and drills
that would enable a person to learn how to fight FAST!
I knew what a student had to know
before he could hope to master the martial arts.

I had taken everything I knew in Karate,
selected the best,
most damaging techniques,
arranged them in proper sequence,
and called the thing
Outlaw Karate.

Most people think,
because of the name,
that I was teaching Karate
that was bad and immoral.


I named it Outlaw Karate
for three reasons.
The first was
I had trained with Outlaw Bikers.
They were brutal
in their application of Art,
and if something didn’t work,
they let you know.

at one time,
my instructor had been
kicked out of his organization,
and his system was supposed to be ‘outlawed.’

the main reason I named it Outlaw Karate,
was because
it went outside the idea
of what Karate was.

I broke the mold.
I took the forms,
and instead of doing them mindlessly,
I thought about them,
analyzed them,
and tried to come up with something better.

And I did.

Outlaw Karate had all the brutality,
and in one third the time.

People would take three to four years
to learn Karate,
but I had seen the difference between
the Kang Duk Won,
and Kwon Bup.

I had separated those arts,
and I had seen what was in them.

I understood Karate.

I understood that it was taking longer and longer to learn.
I knew that it shouldn’t take longer to learn.

I was living in times
where people could traverse the ocean,
didn’t starve,
had TVs and video tapes and books
and virtually unlimited access
to all the arts of the world.

With more data it should have been easier
to learn an art,
not harder.

So I made Outlaw Karate.
I made something faster and more efficient.
I made something that would cover
the most important techniques of Karate,
and enable a student to learn
at a much faster rate.
I made something pure,

At this point,
I might add,
I had already started the Matrixing process,
I had started discovering those things
that make an Art totally and entirely logical.
So logical,
that it becomes quick to learn,
easy to draw on,
and intuitive in nature.

jump forward a few years.
I had taken videos of some of those forms.
Taught the forms point by point,
and showed the techniques
point by point.

they were sitting in a box in my garage.

I presented Matrixing,
and I found that a lot of people were interested
in where Matrixing came from,
people found out that
by learning where it came from,
they were able to Matrix better.

to tell you the truth,
these are still some of the most potent techniques
I ever learned.

Bone crunching,
head cracking,
body busting,
hard core techniques.

Techniques designed to rip the head off a rhino.

There are two DVDs
and they have three of the Outlaw forms on them.

To be honest,
I don’t know what happened
to the videos of the other three Outlaw forms.

But seeing these videos,
and having the training manual,
which includes ALL the forms,
you’ve got everything.

you get a training manual.
and two DVDs,
with some of the hardest hitting Karate
you’ve ever seen.

What’s more important,
is that this is the One Year Black Belt Course.
This is one of the most crucial breakthroughs
in the history of the Martial Arts.

Understand this stuff,
and you’re going to have,
not just some of the most brutal,
no nonsense techniques
from the entire Art of Karate,
but you’re going to have
an outlook
that strips away the nonsense,
and gets down to business.
You’re going to have
one of the most important breakthroughs in the martial arts,

that fellow who came into my school?
He went away.
I was safe in showing him
what my Art was
because he couldn’t remember it all from a glance,
and the material in the book…
maybe it’s time
that you got familiar with
what the martial arts are
really all about.


a training manual
157 pages long,
over 330 illustrations,
the original Outlaw forms,
and lots and lots of techniques.
you get the two DVDs
showing three essential forms.


That’s right. $29.95.

(due to ancient video technology,
the image is slightly blurry,
but not too bad)

And you can have
what people were upset over,
what they threatened me for.
You can have the techniques,
the forms,
the methods of freestyle.
You can have a crucial piece of Matrixing history.
All you have to do is click on the button…

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