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How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan

Newsletter 924

About the New Karate to Tai Chi Book!

Hi Guys and Gals.

This is to announce the official release of
‘Chiang Nan’

Chiang Nan is the title I settled on, the working title is
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan.’
So Chiang Nan,
or ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan
was originally bundled into the course.
You can get it in PDF if you order the course.

I just published the official book
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan,’
and it is available on Amazon.
The official title is…

‘Chiang Nan’

and here’s the link…


And for those who don’t know what it is about…
As the subtitle says,
it teaches one how to make karate into tai chi chuan.

If you have been studying karate,
this will expand your concepts of karate by ten times.
Different way of looking at form applications.
Different way of doing the form.
Really opens the mind.

If you have been studying Tai Chi Chuan,
you will learn a lot about techniques,
doing other arts tai chi style,
and so on.

it’s a different kind of strength,
different energy,
a whole and complete education.
If you know just the hard arts,
you need to know the soft.
or you only have half an art.

If you know just the soft arts,
you need to know the hard,
or you only have half an art.

This is a 270 page book
(three in one, actually)
that covers how to translate karate into tai chi,
what the lost form,
the original form that karate came from,
might look,
and the secret techniques of karate…
deliberately hidden by the secret pact
made by Okinawan karate masters.

So check it out on Amazon,
or just get the PDF by ordering the course through

Have a great work out!



Karate Secrets of the Universe

Karate Power

Karate Secrets...hidden for all to see!

Karate Secrets, eh?
Sort of interesting, you hear about secrets, but, when you get there (black belt?) you find there aren’t any.
You find that water is wet, rocks are hard, and life goes on.
And the real martial arts secrets deal with things like geometry and math and…school stuff.
Well, you actually start to apply basic physics to the body, and you find the good stuff.
I’m not going to go deeply into this, because I don’t want to give away the store. You’re going to find the answers on the Matrix Karate Course, or the Master Instructor Course.
But, the universe is based on the square, the triangle, and the circle.
Karate happens to be the square. It creates the base, the foundation, and a rock solid platform to build all arts on.
Unfortunately, people tend to look for the secrets, instead of building the foundation.
That said, when you do Karate you should be looking for ways to apply a triangle, perhaps to angulat the stance a bit, that sort of thing.
And you should be looking for places where the circle exists, in the performing of a block, smoothing out the edges of a punch.
So the secret of Karate is to simply sink your weight into the stance, learn how to generate the explosion of the tan tien, study how the body moves, and keep doing it until you…transcend. Until you slide a bit out of the body, until you see energy, and can appreciate it, and even start to use it. At that point you can shift arts, but you shouldn’t until then, or you won’t really see all the glorious karate secrets, and the martial arts secrets, sitting in plain sight for all to see.

The Problem is that Matrix Karate is Too Fast!

Within the Karate Fist is Great Spirit

Matrix Karate is too fast, what a weird complaint, eh? Yet, it is true.

When I am running the Matrix drill on the Three Month Black Belt course, you can see the speed of learning, and it is amazing. Logic replaces randomity, and the student suddenly opens his eyes, and we’re off to the races.

And, there is nothing that can match the reality of the drill. The strikes are all hard, the blocks are all tested by the drill, and everything makes sense.

The problem is that I don’t have time to make my student smooth. He just catches on too fast, and one has to validate his knowledge as it grows, or you risk miring the student…he will start doubting himself if you don’t do this.

But, I’d rather have a guy who is real, and knows the fighting connection, than is pretty. When you think about it, pretty is a state of polish. Now that I’ve got him to Black Belt his intuition has turned on, and polishing is going to be very fast and efficient.

Anyway, we’re about to start the next segment of his training, and it’s going to be fun. Matrix Karate may have been too fast, but the benefits can’t be refuted, and now it is time to polish. Check out my page on the Three Month Black Course. You’ll probably understand what I’m saying when you see what my student says in his testimonial/win.

Matrix Karate is a Martial Arts…and It Is Not

Many people back off from Matrix Karate. They think it is a watered down Karate, or a baby art, or something like that.

Fact, it is not watered down, it is intensified…because it is pure. Toss out the influences of the other arts, and you have one of the deadliest arts possible.

Fact, while there is a fighting art in the course, the true thrust of the material is towards presenting a method for analyzing all arts.

You see, you can make any art pure, and make any art deadly, if you toss out all the bushwah, poser crap and concentrate on distilling motion into the most logical format possible.

Yes, there is Karate, but Matrix refers to a mathematical grid which you use to plot all motion.

Thus, you can use the matrix on any art, make any art pure, and, BTW, ten times easier to learn.

Think about it this way…if you wanted to direct a fellow to a specific restaurant in New York, would you have him memorize a painting? Or would you write specific directions having to do with the exact streets he has to take to get there?

The fellow who is learning the martial arts today is memorizing paintings. The Matrixer is learning explicit directions which are exact and precise.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn more about how to Matrix Martial Arts.




People Who Have Studied the Most Arts Get the Most out of Matrix Karate

Isn’t that weird? They’ve got all sorts of experience, yet the simple art is the one that makes it all work.

The fact of the matter is that the truth is simple, and the concepts of the arts ae simple, and a simple art is what makes everything simple.

It is also the best art for explaining Matrixing concepts. Here is a win.

“My first martial art was Jujitsu, then I went on to Filipino Kali, and the last twelve or so years I’ve been studying Tai Chi and Qigong. You really made me reflect on a lot of what I have learned, and I think that some of it makes more sense now.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need all sorts of experience, it’s just that the more knowledge you have, the more knowledge Matrixing will put in order, and it’s like getting a complete spring cleaning on your martial arts, and even your mind.

But newbies will get the benefit to. They just don’t always understand how far reaching Matrixing is.

You can find out about Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook while you’re there. Win #60

How to Learn from a Karate Manual

To learn from a Karate Manual the first thing is to get a manual that is full page size, and is ring bound. Then you can open the sucker up flat and view two pages at a time. Hopefully the writing is the right size so you can absorb at a glance without having to bend down and read. Downloads can be good, because you can print the pages off and lay them out. If the writing is too small, then copy it to your word program and change the size of the font, and all that sort of the thing. Here’s a win…

Hi Al. Have read almost half of the manual and it’s very interesting. Dennis

Some of my earlier books are tight and tiny, but nowadays I always try to write so that you can actually lay the book out and do it. The biggest mistake people make, however, is not with the book, it is that they don’t take the time to do enough repetitions of the material so that they can remember it before they move on. I’ve seen a lot of half finished books, and that’s too bad. Whether Karate book or kung fu book or whatever, the learning process can be sped up and you can learn whole arts at your leisure and have a lot of fun. I’ve got a free karate manual for download. It’s not big written, but you can at least check out the quality of my writing and see what you can learn from a well written karate manual.

Win #39–Does the Master Instructor Course Apply to only Karate Systems?

The Master Instructor course applies to all martial arts, and not to just Karate systems. Heck, there’s all sorts of things about throws, effortless throws, principles to be applied to karate katas, kung fu forms, martial arts applications any art, and so on and so on.

I think it’s a little easier to understand if you have a karate background, but still, any person from any art is going to be enlightened as a result of reading and doing this material. Here’s a win…

I received my Master Instructor videos yesterday. Awesome information and right to the point. LM

I get these wins from Karateka, kenpoka, aikidokas, kung fu-ists, Ninpo-ists, and on and on. These are the underlying principles, and they don’t just illuminate and make locgical any martial art, they put the martial arts together. Make one picture out of all of them. First time that has ever been done.

Anyway, if you want a taste of martial technology that applies to all arts, and not just Karate, email me for a free karate book.

Win #16–The Deep, Dark, Karate Secret

When I began the martial arts I thought there was some serious karate secret that the masters knew that nobody else did. If I could only find this secret I could have everything wanted: money, women, respect…maybe I wouldn’t even be a dweeb. Interestingly, there is a secret, but it ain’t what you think. And it is easy to find out. Just a little hard work and common sense, and anyone can have it. Here’s a win from one of my students about this dark mystery. Like many others, I used to like to believe that there was a great mystery out there; that there was some kind of unattainable power and wisdom that I could only reach for in my dreams. Mr. Case has taken my wonderful dark mystery away and replaced it with facts that work; that work beautifully actually. Truth is a good thing, but sometimes a rude awakening can be best avoided by a longer slumber. Which path you choose is up to you. Just remember to shield your eyes if you’re opening them for the first time; it can be bright and painful to the pride at first.” ?HH (12 years of martial arts experience) Now isn’t that interesting? It seems that the mystery is easy to understand, but what is hard to take is the fact that you were blind enough not to see it in the first place. Well, it is easy to see, but the thing that stops most everybody from seeing it is the fact that: 1) they think they know better. 2) my art is best. 3) I’m already studying under somebody who knows everything. And so on. The prime problem here, you see, is that you must be willing to learn before you can learn. Doing push ups and forms until you sweat is fine, but when are you going to work out that brain? When are you going to say…maybe I don’t know everything…maybe there is something else under the sun. When are you going to open up and accept data and actually think. I know it sounds like I’m in your face, but I’m not. I’m just stating something that scares most people. Shut up thinking you know everything and be willing to learn something. That’s the truth, that’s the truth HH had to confront before he could start to learn, that’s the truth that near every martial artist in the world has to face before he can learn the real martial arts, and before he can find out the truth about this deep, dark karate secret thing.

Feel free to visit Monster Martial Arts, pick up a free ebook, and find out if I might actually have something to offer. Have a great work out.