Perfect Karate Form Can Be Achieved With This Simple Secret!

Perfect Karate Form is Easy to Achieve!

Perfect Karate Form brings to mind what Gichin Funakoshi said: “the way, straight and true, who will pass it on?” The answer to this question, and the solution as to perfecting your karate kata, lies in good, old, hard core physics.

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Perfect Karate Form Starts with Mental Visualization!

When karate was first exported from Japan, it was taught by having the student memorize strings of random techniques, and hoping that he would finally achieve intuition of movement. Though this method works, it is an astoundingly inadequate way to teach Martial Arts. The best way to teach is by the scientific method of teaching physics.

Physics is nothing more than the fact of measuring the universe. Physics is not a mystical practice; it reduces mysticism, and can lead to the understanding of such things as Karate Ki Power. The interesting thing is that as one comes to grips with what Karate Ki Energy is they become aware of a second set of physics, physics of the mind and spirit, which are above the normal physics of the physical universe.

Physics, done properly, is a true science, not a junk science, like one will see in TV advertising. Junk science is actually the refutation of facts for advertising…it will make you how big? Grin.

To understand this martial science one could simple consider the act of aligning a tire. When a tire is out of alignment it wobbles and is ‘out of true.’ When a tire is aligned it will not wobble, and this is in true…this is scientific.

So the question now becomes…’what wobbles in your karate form?’ And you can ask yourself this question if you are doing a taekwondo form, a keno form, or any kind of martial arts form.

An obvious wobble would be the wrist being bent and hurting and even getting damaged when striking. Another obvious wobble is when a student executes lunging karate punch and the buttocks wiggle. Such motion shows that the body is ‘out of alignment,’ and ‘out of true.’

The process of analyzing the different ‘wobbles’ in your martial art can take a lifetime. Examine the body in motion, watch it in a mirror, see it in pictures or in video, feel it in the execution of technique, and make sufficient sense out of the input to de-wobble it. One of the most superior ways of doing this is to do your techniques ‘plant and push’ style, slowly, searching for the most efficient paths of resistance within the body.

Ultimately, this practicing of physics will lead one to a true Karate…a true martial art. And, this study of physics will lead one to that higher level of physics I spoke of earlier. It is on this higher level that you will find the miracles of the martial arts, and where you will find the real secrets of having Perfect Karate Form.

Here’s a page with a list of articles to help you have perfect karate form!

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  1. Dear my friend,
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    thanks a lot

    Abolfazl Askarian
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    • Hi Abolfazl. I put a link in for you at my sister site, FreeMartialArtsOnline in the link section. Have a great and wonderful work out! Al

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        Thanks for your kindness and say hallo to your nice sister too.
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        I wish you good health & happyness
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