Karate Instructor Tricks That You Must Learn!

Karate Instructor Tricks that Make You a Real Man!

Karate Instructor Gichin Funakoshi Had Some Neat Tricks!  We watch TV and the movies, and we see kung fu flips in the Matrix and sword standing and eye gouging in Kill Bill and we know we have seen the real masters! Wake up, dude, that’s a movie, and what a real karate instructor does is a lot different than what you see on TV!

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A Young Gichin Funakoshi

Gichin Funakoshi is considered a pivotal karate master. He brought karate to Japan, and thence to the world. If that isn’t considered feat enough, why don’t you go stand on a rooftop during a hurricane and hold a sheet of plywood?

That’s right, to perfect his stance, he battled the elements, and word has it he never sailed off to Oz. And, if you want somebody a little more ancient, try Bushi Matsumuri, who made a bull run away just by glaring at the bull. The trick was that he went to the bull every night and glared at him, and stuck a pin in the bulls nose.

Of course you may not think the intelligence to figure out how to best a bull without bashing him is not much of a deal. So try something that doesn’t take much intelligence, like grabbing the beams of a ceiling, not hooking the fingers over, but just grabbing them, and hand walking across the ceiling. This is something that people were doing in old Okinawa just for kicks!

My favorite old karate master is Mas Oyama. Mas had this little trick of chopping the horns off bulls, and he ended up killing three of the poor brutes. Now, that was a while ago, and we certainly don’t want to talk about killing poor animals, but the muscle, the intelligence, the brute strength, and the sheer artism required to kill a bull with your bare hands! I wouldn’t try it if I were you.

Okay, you’ve heard enough of the tales, so let me give you a simple trick to do, and you can start being your own legend making master of Karate. Learn a karate form, something like Bassai would be great, but you might want to start off with a simpler form like Pinan One. Now, take the garden hose and run it for an hour on that bare patch of earth in the backyard.

Now, the ground is nice and gooey, yucky and pukey. So it is time to do your form, heh heh. Whap, bam and pow!

Your feet fly up in the air and your butt slaps the wet goo. Up on your feet you lazy bum! Did you think an old karate instructor like Gichin Funakoshi would whine just because they got a little mud on them?

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