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Whooping Crane Gung Fu ~ Goju Ryu

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Chojun Miyagi

Goju Ryu (hard soft style) Karate was likely descended from Whooping Crane Gung Fu. Whooping Crane was tuaght in the Fukien province of China.

Taught in Fukien, it was considered sister to the Shaolin style called Pan Gai noon. Thus, there are a couple of forms (sanction and seisan) that are common to both martial arts.

It was Kanro Higaonna who brought these forms back to China.

Master Higaonna would later send a young fellow name of Chojun Miyagi (now you know where the name of the teacher in the original Karate Kid came from!)  to China, and Miyagi would study such martial arts as Shaolin and Pa Kua Chang.

Miyagi would found the official Goju Ryu system, and his method would include forms taught to him by Higaonno, and the softer and more subtle influences of Shaolin and Pa Kua Chang.

After Miyagi, came Gogen ‘The Cat’ Yamaguchi, who would spread Goju Ryu Karate to the entire world.

Those are the three main types of Karate. And, there is some overlap between Uechi Ryu and Goju Ryu.

Thus, if you really want to master Karate, you should study Matrix Karate, then the three main styles. But…you should study them in the right order.

This page is about Karate Styles.

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