A Hard Punch in Karate: Steel Finger Martial Arts Drills

The Drills on this page will give you the strongest fingers, and therefore an incredibly hard punch in the martial arts. This is going to be true for karate, kung fu, kenpo, or whatever. With a little thinking, it can even be true in the Mixed Martial Arts arena such as the UFC.

A hard punch is done with the whole body!


The old saw that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link is true. This concept is true in the martial arts when it comes to any hand technique, and especially punching: the fist is only as strong as it’s weakest finger.

The first drill is doing simple push ups. You should do these push ups on the finger tips and make the fingers like iron rods. It is difficult, however, to start on the fingertips, and one should do less difficult drills un the beginning.

First, do your push ups on the palms, then flip the hands over and do them on the backs of palms. This will build up the wrists, which are going to have to be strong to support the fingers, and the impact upon human bodies. After you can do palm push ups, you should begin strengthening the fists.

Fists are great for striking things, but they are more effective if you can hit with a reduced fist area. You can knock a ball a mile with a bat, but you can punch a hole in it if you slam it with a screwdriver. This is the concept you want to pursue when you strengthen your fists for real punching.

Do your push ups on your half knuckles, and gradually work your way to just two knuckles, then, finally, do your push ups with just one knuckle. After a while, you will be able to go to start drilling on the fingers. At first, the fingers will be bent, but you must work until you can do your push ups on straight fingers.

You can work towards this by doing the push ups in sand, or on a folded rag, which will adjust to the lengths of the fingers. As you get better and better, you can reduce the number of fingers. Eventually you will get down to push ups on just the index fingers of your hands.

This procedure for strengthening the fingers takes time, and you will find that it takes a high degree of mental concentration. The mental concentration is, perhaps, the most important thing you can get out of it, for the mind will last after the body weakens. Whatever you get out of this martial arts exercise, no matter whether you study karate, kenpo, kung fu, or whatever, you will find that strengthening the fingers in this way will give you a hard punch that can knock anybody down!

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