Karate Black Belt Package!

Special Package Deal!

Okay, there is the Matrix Karate Course, which has the book and original videos in which I show the material.

And, there are the 119 lessons on the Black Belt Course, in which I actually teach the material.

karate black belt

Karate has roots in Shaolin gung fu!

And, if you wish to video test for BlackBelt, you are going to need the Master Instructor Course.

I recommend that you get all three courses…

Matrix Karate

The Black Belt Course

The Master Instructor Course

…and pay just…$99!

That’s a BIG savings!  That’s like a FREE course! That’s cheaper than a 99  cent store at Christmas!

I’m not going to say you’d be a fool to let this deal pass…but you would be. So…HIT THE DARNED PAYPAL BUTTON!


Martial Arts equipment


Don’t make me send Thug and Basher over there…you know you want to…just press the button and get EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about Karate!

Come on…get off to a great start and really learn Karate!

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