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Learn Karate Online

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Do you want to be a black belt?

The Seven Truths About Getting a Black Belt in Karate Online!

Truth is always simple, never complex, so try these ‘People Say’ truths on…

karate tigerPeople say ‘you can’t get a black belt without an instructor’ ~ Of course you can’t. Which is why there is an instructor on video. An instructor you can replay as often as you need. Believe me, you won’t be passed by or miss something with a video instructor.

People say ‘you have to have a partner’ ~ Sure, just like you have to have a partner if you learn to play the guitar online, or dance online, or learn how to do anything on line. The truth of the matter is that that’s what forms are for, for learning when you don’t have a partner.

People say ‘You have to belong to an organization or association to be recognized’ ~ the fact of the matter is that  organizations and associations are official only because they say they are official. They do not speak for the world, only for themselves, and, here’s something to think about, the first black belt wasn’t recognized, he recognized himself, and the heck with the world!

People say ‘people who earn their black belts online aren’t real black belts’ ~ Huh! Define for me what ‘real’ means. At Learn Karate Online it means that you can use Karate to defend yourself, that you can fight like a demon, that you are in the best shape of your life, and that you actually understand what karate is.

karatePeople say ‘You have to buy expensive equipment, sparring gear, protective padding, and so on’ ~ No, you don’t. I train in my shoes, a tee shirt, sweats. These are things that I wear on the street. Shouldn’t I train in what I wear? In what I might actually get in a fight in?

People say ‘You have to go to a martial arts school to train’ ~ Why? Why do I have to get I the car, drive across town, spend money on gas, spend money on parking, and then learn only as fast as the doofus next to me? That said…I ALWAYS recommend that one train at a martial arts school. There are just a lot of people to work out with, and you learn new things. But you don’t have to. I recommend that you study both at a school and online. Heck, there’s just too much to be learned to limit yourself to one approach.

People say ‘A black belt online is a Paper Tiger,’ a Paper Tiger  is somebody who knows about the martial arts, but can’t do them. ~ Huh! Tell that to the people who invented the martial arts! They had no fancy schools to go to! Tell that to the people I train. Read their wins. See the look in their eyes as they get stronger and faster and more alert. The fact of the matter is that I know I have limited time with a student, so I ask for harder training, longer training, and I spend a A LOT of time going over their testing videos and making sure that they really have their stuff down!

Look, here’s the bottom line: you can do anything you want, you just have to get serious, and I will certainly help you there. I’ve been in the martial arts 50 years come 2017. I’ve been a writer for the magazines, I’ve studied just about art that has come down the line, and I have a TOTALLY open door policy. I answer ALL your questions, and I have a lifetime of martial arts knowledge to draw on.

What’s on the Karate Course…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

One ~ the Matrix Karate Book. That’s a 160 pages (8 1/2 by 11) showing the complete system.

Two ~ the 119 Video Lessons Matrix Karate Course ~ 119 lessons showing me actually taking a student through the course. I answer ALL his questions (and any you might email to me), and show him (and you!) EXACTLY how to do Karate.

Three ~ it’s only $99.95. four years at a traditional school might cost you $100 a month, which is near $5000! Do the math and figure out how much you will be saving.


black belt course

This course is an instant download!

If you have ANY problem accessing the course, or if ANY of the downloads don’t work IMMEDIATELY email me at:





You provided me the insight and raised my level of awareness…. CRC (founder Chung Mu Kwan)


Everything I offer is money back guarantee. If I don’t deliver exactly what I promise, as described on this website, please let me know and I will refund your money just as soon as I receive your request.

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15 thoughts on “Learn Karate Online

  1. Mike Cox

    Hello Sensei Al,
    Let me start by saying I Earned my Black Belt under Sensei Al in the Kang Duk Won and he will make you the best you can be just order his coarse and try it you won’t be sorry. I promise he is one of the most knowledgable teachers i have ever studied under… thanks Mike Cox…
    GO MATRIXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Al

    Oh, Lard. I’m old. If I wasn’t so handsome it would be a tragedy, how old I am. Maybe I should be asking how young are you? Change the subject, get out from under the spotlight. Stop thinking about my coffin. Well, I was born in 1948, so you can do the math, but let me give you a piece of advice…don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER get old. It’s just not worth it. But if you choose not to heed my advice, let me give you another bit of advice…study the martial arts every single day. Never let a day pass without studying. If you’re lying in your death bed with the family gathered and sobbing, if you know you have only a few seconds of life left, have somebody say some lines from a Bruce Lee movie, or maybe give a little Kiyai when you leave your body. You do that…and your life will be worth it. Now, youngster, ten push ups, then do your forms. Signed ~ old doddard Al

  3. Fatima

    hi Sensei :) well i am a female i’m 13 years old i’m interested in Japan i really want to visit that country, and i want to learn karate, can i find any free lessons in this website? =D and well i am just a begginer and i can’t go to any classes -.-” because it is far away from my house and i live in a pretty small country, and i need time to study too :| so i just came to this website to learn karate lessons…
    Thankyou ^-^

  4. Manuel

    Sensei I just want to know how to do all the flips all the videos from youtube didn’t help. Please give me detailed videos so I can do it myself at home. Thanks a lot.

  5. David Martin

    My kids want to learn this art. They are great lover of martial art. But unlikely due to hard study they are not getting proper time to learn this self defense art. I wish there should be good money for a martial art trainer.


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