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Learn Karate Online…

I was in Oakland once,
doing some work,
and there was this fellow watching.
And I noticed he had no teeth.
And his ears were knocked half off his head,
they were all bulging and flapping,
and I said,

martial arts lessons

I don’t have to pay for expensive lessons?

“Been doing some boxing?”
He started grinning,
no teeth and grinning,
looked sort of funny,
and we got into this long conversation
we talked about boxing and the martial arts,
and at the end of our talk he said this:
“Man, one thing I always want to
is go back to the gym,
talk to the young guys there,
show ‘em how to duck and weave,
how not to get hit.”
He made boxing motions,
ducked and jabbed,
and then he straightened up and said,
“I got hit,
now I know how not to get hit.
I’d love to show those guys.”
And then he was boppin’ on down the street.

And he wasn’t that old,
but he looked a LOT older.

I’d like to show people how to not get hit,
how to hit without getting hit,
and I’ve got all my teeth.
My ears are straight
and I don’t still hear the bell ringing.

So here’s the deal,
I’m going to tell you how to learn Karate
Fast…Quick…and Easy.

I've always wanted to go back...

I’ve always wanted to go back…

I’m going to tell you why people,
and I am speaking about other martial artists,
especially instructors,
don’t want me doing this.

I’m going to tell you about the one true Karate system,
the one system that will make all other Karate systems work.
we will go into why most Karate systems don’t work.

It’s going to be a most enlightening discussion here,
so go get yourself a soft drink,
or maybe some herbal tea,
put your feet up,
and get ready to get the straight goods.

here we go…

my name is Al Case.

I’m not Captain Punchemout,
selling an internet gimmick.
I didn’t study with Spetznatz monks
in a hidden temple
where the nuns were actually ninjas.
None of that garbage.

I did start my martial arts career in 1967,
and I studied everything that came down the pike
right through the Golden Age of the Martial Arts.
That age when a new martial art was bursting on the scene
every couple of months.

I became a writer for the magazines,
even had my own column in Inside Karate (Case Histories)
believe me,
mag writers sometimes get a bad rap,
because they had to write about a lot of different arts,
but I survived the editors,
and that was one of the toughest jobs I ever qualified for!

I can do it...I can do it...I CAN...!

I can do it…I can do it…I CAN…!

I’ve been doing the martial arts a long time,
and I’ve studied a LOT of martial arts.
Go on,
check me out on the web.
Bookmark this page and go looking,
I’ll still be here when you get back.
I’m not one of these guys with no name,
or offering secrets if you say the secret word.

qualifications out of the way,
let’s talk about why people don’t want me teaching martial arts,
and specifically Karate,
Fast, Quick, and Easy.

When Joe Sensei goes to a Karate school
he studies for 3 – 5 years,
and he gets a black belt,
and he opens up a school.

If you take a course from me,
it won’t take you 3 – 5 years,
and he thinks his school is not going to survive.
I mean,
why should you pay him monthly dues,
thousands of dollars every year,
when you could get what he’s teaching,
BETTER than what he’s teaching,
on the internet for one one hundredth of the price?

So he doesn’t want me teaching.

BUT…?there is a second reason.
When Joe normal went to school,
he put in three years of bruises and blood.
He perspired.
He EARNED that black belt.
And if somebody could do what he did
in just a few months,
man, wouldn’t that make him feel crummy?
I mean, ?he spent all that time,
and then to find out his knowledge can be had ?in one tenth the time…

I can do the things I've always wanted...

I can do the things I’ve always wanted…

Think about it:
if you earn a black belt,
a real one,
a good one,
in just a few months,
then Joe thinks he won’t be so special,
so elite.
So when Joe Sensei says I’m a quack,
what he is really saying is
‘You can’t do that!
It would make me feel bad!
I would no longer be special!’

the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t work that way.
Somebody studying a Fast, Quick and Easy method for learning something,
doesn’t take away from the guy who has put in years and years.
if that instructor takes it upon himself
to find out what I’ve got.
Which brings us to what I am really doing.
Are you ready?

The fact of the matter is that when you do the martial arts
you practice moves until they are intuitive.
Until you don’t have to think about them.
You just do them.

To a person who doesn’t know martial arts
this can appear downright mystical.
I mean,
how did that guy move so fast?
And how did he know to do that block?
How can his feet reach right up
and smack that sucker’s face?

that’s how they work.
There is a problem, however.
The problem is that if you are going to memorize something,
and make it intuitive,
it is ten times easier if there is a logic to it.

I just have to ignore that which says I can't...

I just have to ignore that which says I can’t…

when I was learning,
way back in the sixties,
the martial arts were new to the shores.
They hadn’t been altered for tournaments.
They hadn’t been watered down for children.
rents were cheap enough that anybody could rent a storefront!

But the point here is that I was learning martial arts
right out of the orient.
Right out of the Korean War,
where they had been tested for workability,
and if they didn’t work,
and we are actually talking about on the battlefield,
then they were discarded.
they were plain laughed out of town.

This streamlining of the martial arts,
this demand for workability
made them logical.
They were what we called
‘Closed Combat Systems.’
Which means you didn’t combine them.
You trusted what that sensei,
who had learned on the battlefield,
had to say.
And thus there was a certain logic to it all.
A logic of survival.
This works…
do this.
Don’t do that.

I can earn a real, honest to goodness Black Belt!

I can earn a real, honest to goodness Black Belt!

The martial arts these days have been changed.
There are NO more Closed Combat Systems.
They have been,
as I said,
tailored for tournaments,
watered down for little Johnny,
put to contract to make money,
and so on.

I could teach a Closed Combat System,
I’ve got suystems on video,
and I offer them elsewhere.
right now,
it is more important that we bypass
the whole concept of Closed Combat Systems
and create a complete and different logic.
And here is the thing:
the systems you learn today,
whether the instructor defends them as closed combat or not,
are random sequences of moves.
And the people who teach the martial arts,
in spite of the tremendous efforts they have made,
are still studying random sequences of motion.
they are passing on random sequences of motion.
Not logic.
They are teaching things that just worked for somebody
which was then changed for tournaments,
or watered down for kids,
or to make enough money
to afford a storefront.

I am not disrespecting these people,
I am about to offer them a solution,
if they are smart enough to take advantage
of my almost fifty years of martial arts,
so let’s consider what I am actually doing.

Real, honest to goodness self defense!

Real, honest to goodness self defense!

For the first and ONLY time
in the history of this planet,
the martial arts have been put in the right order.
Made logical.

What happens when you study a logical method like this…
it inputs into your mind better.
because it is easy to learn,
it is easy to remember,
and thus…
it is easy to use.

And it becomes intuitive in one tenth the time.

Instead of five years,
we’re talking maybe six months.
Instead of Five thousand dollars,
only one one hundredth of the price.

I’ve been selling this course since 2007,
sold a lot of them,
and I’ve got over 600 pages of wins,
testimonials that I did not ask for,
but which people sent me
out of the goodness of their hearts.

When people think I am doing this for the money
I just send them to the testimonials page,

if you wish to see them, then bookmark,
and go to…

Those are real people,
like you.
Some of them doubted,
in the end,
they ordered,
and they are glad they did.

let’s talk about what kind of people who order my courses.

karate humor

This is going to be fun!

If you started martial arts,
had a career change,
a newborn,
went to school,
or some other reason…
this course is perfect for you.

No fees or dues,
no gas to cross town,
no parking,
no being stuck in a class
where the teacher pairs you up with some guy
who doesn’t know anything,
and expects you to learn.

I mean,
if you look at the normal class,
you sweat,
doing karate like it was a calisthenic,
and you might get a couple of sentences of instruction,
and by the time five years has passed,
you have sweated and bled,
and accumulated enough bruises,
and maybe even some actual instruction,
to be considered something.

How can that compare with knowledge?

In my course…
you are taken right through 119 lessons,
(I know, some of the ads say 120 lessons.
One of the lessons was corrupted in the computer.
So sue me.)

Nobody can stop me but...me!

Nobody can stop me but…me!

In my course you can repeat the lessons,
and you are going to find that you want to listen to them more than once.
I don’t dribble out the information,
I believe in information overload
and then work out overload!

If you are a beginner,
or started a class somewhere and didn’t finish it,
this course is perfect for you.
You can set up your own home dojo,
or just push the computer back
and work out right there!

Another type of person who would benefit from this course is…

If you’re an instructor,
where do you go for your advanced training?
Who teaches you?
Here’s the chance to learn something
they did not teach you in the classical Martial Arts!

here’s something that people really don’t understand.
When you learn my system,
it tends to straighten out your system.
Those random sequences of motion
suddenly become totally understandable.
No more hidden technique.
No more ‘secret’ teachings.
The truth is in plain sight!

You will find that your art
is actually an advanced art.
You’ll be able to strip out the BS put in for tournaments
You’ll ‘unwater’ the thing.
You’ll see what the guys who did this stuff in the beginning really meant!

So nobody can stop me!

So nobody can stop me!

here’s something that’s going to please you,
and you’ll be glad you read on down to this point.
Here’s a question:
How many people drop out in the first month?
how many people drop out at Brown Belt,
right before they got their black belt?

Those are the two places that people
drop out of the martial arts the most.

White belt and brown belt.
So why?

The white belt is confused by the random sequences of motion.
He has been raised in a logical society,
and it just doesn’t make sense.

And the brown belt is confused by intuition.
Intuition is different than how we normally think.
And here’s the mean twist to this:
we are trained to think in a linear fashion,
to search for logic,
and intuition actually scares some people!
Not to have to think,
but just to know…
it actually frightens some people so much
that they just drop out.

that is a tragedy of unprecedented proportion!
For some guy to work so long,
to bleed and sweat and bruise,
and then…quit.



And the reasons…
an argument with the instructor,
a dissatisfaction with the school,
not being promoted,
knowing that something is wrong with the style,
but not knowing what,
suddenly thinking that all you’ve been doing isn’t quite right…
and so on.

When a person has studied for a couple of years,
and leaves,
the reasons are not what they say they are,
those reasons were just made up
because he didn’t want to face…
his own intuition.

It’s true.
And except for the occasional malcontent,
it’s true for 98% of the brown belts that leave.

My system fixes that.
It explains what is going to happen,
makes it happen so smooth,
that one understands when logic becomes intuition.
and is not confused when random sequences of motion start to morph into intuition.

here is the juicy part,
you would be shocked at how many people study my stuff,
then teach it as a prerequisite
for their own system.
Their own system which suddenly fixes itself and becomes an advanced course.

So people who are studying my system
are ending up with advanced classes,
classes that are FUN to teach,
and all because the student gets to black belt faster,
is not blown away by random sequences of motion that don’t make sense,
is not blown away by an intuition that he doesn’t understand.

Man, there is NOTHING like teaching an advanced class.

if you want one,
you either need to belong to a big organization,
where there enough people that don’t quit,
you need to study my system.

Now, what is my system?

I call my system Matrix Karate.
I call it this not because of the movie,
for I was teaching it as Matrix Karate before the movie came out.
I call it matrixing
because it uses certain graphs
that put all the martial arts information
in the correct order.

Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere on the net.
As I said,
I’ve been teaching it for some years.

Maybe you’ve heard somebody laugh and call it a gimmick.
if they did,
you can be assured that they never took my course.
If they took it
their win would be on my testimonial page.

I use certain graphs.
These give a pictorial to the mind
and enable the mind to absorb the data.
I align the data
so it slides right in,
your mind won’t stop and try to reject it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

the human mind,
loving logic,
actually tries to refuse random sequences of motion as a method.
The human mind,
especially that mind educated in the west,
LOVES logic.

We like things to make sense!

So what is the course like?

you read the book,
you view the videos,
you work out.
119 videos,
119 work outs,
all filled with LOGICAL instruction.

If you want to make a copy of the book,
You bought it,
you print it.
No problem.
You want to download the videos?
You bought them,
they are on youtube private channels,
and you can download them.
There are MANY software programs
that will enable you to download them
and burn them to a disk.

Don’t want to download and burn?
order the disks and I’ll mail them to you,
but it will cost more.

one last thing before I give you the paypal button.

Karate is the first art you should learn.
The reason why is simple.
When you do a karate move it goes outward from the tan tien.
The Tan Tien (the one point)
is the energy generator for the body.
It is located a couple of inches below the navel.
So motion goes out,
and it pushes stuff away.
Stuff like punches and kicks.
It needs to maintain distance for it to work.
If you try to learn a soft system,
which is to say a system wherein
the blocks are coming back towards your body,
then you cut down the time.
So you need quicker reaction times,
but it is hard to build these faster reactions
when the distance is jamming you.

Karate builds proper reactions by maintaining distance.
THEN you can go into the softer martial arts.
The ones like Wing Chun and Aikido and Tai Chi and so on.
if you are doing those softer arts
before you learn karate,
they are not only going to be random sequences of motion,
they are going to be crunching your distance and reaction time
LO-O-Ong before you are ready.

So I always advise learning Karate first.
if you already have a soft system,
learning karate,
especially Matrix Karate,
will fill in a lot of blanks,
and make your art work ten times better.

Matrix Karate is a ‘fixer’ system.
It is the ONLY ‘fixer’ system.
It will fix ANY martial art.
All you have to do is plug in the blocks and strikes of your system,
plug them into the Matrix forms and techniques,
and your system is going to suddenly align,
random sequences of motion will become understandable,
and everything will be different.
REALLY different.

That’s 119 Karate lessons.
Me and an actual student,
actually going through the system,
me teaching him step by step,
video by video.
You can be the fly on the wall
in a dojo NOBODY has ever seen before.
You can save time and money.
You can fix ANY martial arts systems you know.
You can stop people from dropping out.
You can have that advanced class you always wanted.
You can play any lesson over and over.
You can even send me emails about ANYTHING,
and I will answer your question exactly.

Fifty bucks.
That’s less than what most people charge for monthly lessons!
That’s less than a monthly cell phone charge!
That’s a couple of trips to Mickey D’s and a movie…
for both you and your girl!

So here’s the paypal button.

black belt course

You will be directed to a password page.
Follow the instructions and you will be directed to a download page.
If ANY problem,
with the order, with the videos, or ANYTHING…
let me know at:


I answer my mail twice a day usually,
and I WILL get back to you.



15 thoughts on “Learn Karate Online

  1. Mike Cox

    Hello Sensei Al,
    Let me start by saying I Earned my Black Belt under Sensei Al in the Kang Duk Won and he will make you the best you can be just order his coarse and try it you won’t be sorry. I promise he is one of the most knowledgable teachers i have ever studied under… thanks Mike Cox…
    GO MATRIXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Al

    Oh, Lard. I’m old. If I wasn’t so handsome it would be a tragedy, how old I am. Maybe I should be asking how young are you? Change the subject, get out from under the spotlight. Stop thinking about my coffin. Well, I was born in 1948, so you can do the math, but let me give you a piece of advice…don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER get old. It’s just not worth it. But if you choose not to heed my advice, let me give you another bit of advice…study the martial arts every single day. Never let a day pass without studying. If you’re lying in your death bed with the family gathered and sobbing, if you know you have only a few seconds of life left, have somebody say some lines from a Bruce Lee movie, or maybe give a little Kiyai when you leave your body. You do that…and your life will be worth it. Now, youngster, ten push ups, then do your forms. Signed ~ old doddard Al

  3. Fatima

    hi Sensei :) well i am a female i’m 13 years old i’m interested in Japan i really want to visit that country, and i want to learn karate, can i find any free lessons in this website? =D and well i am just a begginer and i can’t go to any classes -.-” because it is far away from my house and i live in a pretty small country, and i need time to study too :| so i just came to this website to learn karate lessons…
    Thankyou ^-^

  4. Manuel

    Sensei I just want to know how to do all the flips all the videos from youtube didn’t help. Please give me detailed videos so I can do it myself at home. Thanks a lot.

  5. David Martin

    My kids want to learn this art. They are great lover of martial art. But unlikely due to hard study they are not getting proper time to learn this self defense art. I wish there should be good money for a martial art trainer.


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