Learn Karate Online

Learn Karate Online

learn karate online black belt

Do you want to be a black belt?

On one hand…
Karate is powerful,
great for self defense,
puts you in GREAT condition.

On the other hand…
the art takes too long to learn.

So the question here is
how can we teach
powerful self-defense,
put you in the BEST condition of your life,
without taking too long.

To understand this
you need to understand
exactly where Karate went wrong.
To begin this story
let me give you a brief anecdote…

The Truth About Karate!


martial arts lessons

I don’t have to pay for expensive lessons?

I was working in a factory
back in the seventies,
and I used to practice karate on break.
Everybody knew I knew Karate.
One day this Filipino fellow came up to me
‘Karate bad…Karate bad.’
He was quite intense in his opinion,
and this made me curious,
and he told me his story.

Back home in Philippines,
I want learn Karate.
So I go to tree in my backyard,
I chop every day,
one hour a day.
(He made a motion
as if he was doing a vertical chop
straight down on somebody’s forehead.)
I chop tree whole year,
I know Karate.
One day my neighbor have big party.
He make lotsa lotsa noise.
I get tired.
I have to work next day!
I go his house and knock on door.
He come and ask what I want.
I say turn off noise.
He just laugh.
So I chop him.
Once on head.
He flip in air,
all way over,
lay on ground.
I think he dead.
I run home and hide.
Karate bad!


I can do it...I can do it...I CAN...!

I can do it…I can do it…I CAN…!

That’s the story he told me.
And there are a couple of things
you can learn from this story.
One, he did know Karate,
but not much.
Two, what he did know,
he knew well.
Three, he was crazy.

But here’s the thing,
Karate is simple!
Not as simple as he thought,
It is a simple idea,
behind a trick,
behind a technique,
but you have to work hard
to find that idea.

What Went Wrong with Karate!


Real, honest to goodness self defense!

Real, honest to goodness self defense!

So what happened to Karate?
The simple idea has been hidden
behind dozens of forms,
hundreds of techniques,
and most martial arts instructors
say it takes 4 years to get a black belt,
and 20 years to master it!

Well, kids, here’s a newsflash,
straight from Yatsusune Itosu,
who was one of the guys
who made Karate!
Yes, one of the founding fathers,
one of the originators
of the art of Karate!

He said it only takes 3 or 4 years
to master karate.

Not to get to black belt,
but to actually master the art!
And, if you do the math,
most people think it takes
4 years to get to black belt,
and 20 years to master,
but if it really only takes four years to master,
then, do the math,
it should only take
less than 1 year
to get to black belt.

One year.
Twelve short months.

So that’s how long it should take,
and the question now is
what happened to make it take
a long time to get to black belt?

Several things.
Let me explain a couple or three.

Expanding Karate Systems

karate humor

This is going to be fun!

when my instructor learned Karate
it took him two and a half years to get to black belt.
It took me nearly seven.
I was always curious about this
until I came across some historical notes
concerning my system.
The original system had ten forms in it.
The system I learned had the original ten forms,
plus seven forms my instructor made up,
plus four other forms he had picked up somewhere
and thought they were so neat
that he included them in the system.

So I had twice as much to learn as him!
No wonder it took me twice as long!

And just think about how long it takes,
if there are five or six, or ten or twelve,
instructors between you and the founder!

And the funny thing,
the guys who learned simple systems
always seem to be better
than the guys who learn the big, complex systems.

This is because they didn’t have a lot of things to think about
and could focus on the simple but important concepts!

And, here’s one for you,
a Kung Fu system called Pan Gai Noon in China
had three forms.
When it found its way to Japan,
and was translated into a karate system,
it had grown to eight forms.
This is a matter of historical record,
And the fellow who recorded it,
one of the American Karate pioneers
by the name of George Mattson,
stated in his big book on Uechi Ryu Karate,
that the extra forms were so students
didn’t get bored and leave!
Thoseforms were there to entertain the student!
And, hopefully, the student would then spend the time
digging deep enough into the system
to find the simple ideas.

So one of the things that has been done
to make learning karate long and difficult,
and which has actually obscured the simple ideas of it,
is every instructor has added his own
forms and drills and exercises and techniques,
and the result is that the simple ideas
are buried under the material
and harder to find.

As my Filipino friend found out…
it is easier to hit a tree for year.

Lack of Qualified Karate Instructors


I can do the things I've always wanted...

I can do the things I’ve always wanted…

here’s another thing that happened
to make it long and hard to learn Karate.
It grew faster than qualified instructors could be made.
Back in the sixties Karate became popular so fast,
and there was such a need for instructors,
and, to be honest, there was so much money to be made,
that instructors would get on the plane in Japan as green belts,
and get off the plane in America as Black Belts.

Oh, this is true.
I am not kidding.
I have several friends
who got made into black belts
without any qualification.

One my friends was a brown belt,
and they needed a teacher to fill in.
So the head instructor handed him a black belt
and told him to wear it when he was teaching a class.

Another of my friends,
actually, he was one of the first people
I ever taught matrix Karate to,
went to a karate school,
was invited to freestyle,
and trounced everybody in the place.
So they made him a third degree black belt.
On the spot.
True story.

my final story about how
it became long and hard to get a black belt.

Karate Contracts




In the sixties Kenpo Karate was expanding
at an incredible rate.
But, then as now,
students came and went,
so they wanted a method to keep the students longer,
to make them pay tuition longer.
So one school of Kenpo hired a dance instructor
from Arthur Murray’s Dance Studios
to show them how to get students to sign contracts,
just like they did at the dance schools.

The fellow came up with a contract,
and then the kenpo instructors restructured their system.
Forty techniques and a couple of forms for each belt,
and the time necessary to reach black belt
went to four years.
Not based upon the competence of the student,
or how much he knew,
but how long they could keep him paying tuition.

True story.

those are three reasons
why it takes so long to get a Karate Black Belt.
But there are more reasons than that.
Those are just the three reasons I chose
to illustrate what went wrong with Karate.

And something DID go wrong.
Several somethings, actually.
And the question now has come to this:
what can we do about it?

How Can We Fix Karate?


making faster karate techniques

Nobody can stop me!

Well, to be honest,
we can’t go back.
In spite of what I said,
there are good things
that have come out of this era
of longer, tougher studies.
We do have a wider base of knowledge,
more arts to consider,
more knowledge to understand.
and, to be honest,
we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

But there is something we can do about it.

The first thing we have to do
is simplify Karate.
Make it easy to understand.
Not back to one exercise of pounding a tree,
but at least simplifying the forms and techniques
so they make sense and can easily be learned.

You see, there is one other thing I should mention:
the martial arts are taught by the worst educational method on the planet.
They are taught ‘monkey see monkey do,’
without much real knowledge transmitted.
And the truth of the matter is this:
the martial arts are random sequences of motion.
They are not logical.
So, the conclusion:
we must introduce logic into Karate,
and into the martial arts.
This will make the martial arts easy to understand,
easy to learn and easy to use.

Think about it:
if somebody gave you 3, 5, 1, A, watermelon, 7, and a cat…
how long would it take you to learn to count to ten?
But if somebody gave you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10…
how long would it take you to learn to count then?
And you’d be multiplying and dividing
and doing all sorts of tricks real quick.

So karate is taught like 3, 5, 1, A, watermelon, 7, and a cat.
And the method I use, which is based on a form of logic called Matrixing,
is like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
It is logical.

And here’s the thing:
the mind likes what is simple and logical.
give the mind something simple and logical
and it will learn it quickly,
not forget it,
and you can use it.

The mind doesn’t like what is all cluttered up and hard to understand.
It wants to understand!
And when you learn Karate with a matrix,
it suddenly becomes quick and easy to learn.

The simple ideas are no longer hidden.
And real Karate is then revealed.
And in a matter of months.
not years,
not decades,
not lifetimes.
But in months.

Now you know what I am doing,
and you understand what has happened to Karate,
and you even understand something of the logic
behind this matrixing thing.

What you don’t understand is what is going to happen
once you learn matrix karate.

What Matrix Karate Does!


I can earn a real, honest to goodness Black Belt!

I can earn a real, honest to goodness Black Belt!

Matrix Karate is not just a karate system,
but a method of logic.
What this means is that once you learn Matrix Karate,
you are going to find yourself using this method of logic
to fix other martial arts.
You know a system of Kung Fu?
Suddenly you will find yourself
fitting the Kung Fu forms and techniques together
in a matrix.
And your Kung Fu is suddenly going to become
quicker, faster, easier to remember,
and easier to use!

Think about it,
you won’t have to ransack your mind
trying to remember an obscure technique
right in the middle of a mugging!
you will have this simple logic moving you,
making even the chaos of a fight
into something really simple!

Matrix Karate is a template,
and you can take ANY martial art
and fit it to that template
and that art will suddenly start to make sense,
to become logical,
and no matter how many martial arts you know
they will start fitting together better.

Because there is a truth here.
Each martial art,
be it taekwondo or Jujitsu or Kung Fu or whatever
is a piece of the whole martial arts,
and when the martial arts become simple
and easy to understand,
they start to fit together into a bigger picture.
And because of Matrixing,
this picture is easy to learn,
easy to understand and easy to use.

And, a couple of other things
that you should know.

You should learn matrix karate
before you learn any other type of karate.
If you learn matrixing first,
then your other karate,
obscured with excessive forms,
passed on by less than adequate teachers,
will suddenly make sense.
And you will find the unique but simple ideas
behind the individual styles of Karate.

And, if you already know a classical style of Karate,
then learn Matrixing
and suddenly the doors of perception will open
and you will find yourself understanding ALL sorts of things
that you never understood before.

you’ve got the whole picture now.
Learn a simple but logical form of Karate.
Learn it quickly, in a few months.

Don’t risk becoming bored or injured
or having a career change or going away to school
or getting married and having kids
or any of the other number of things
that get in the way of people learning real karate,
and of achieving a real Black Belt.

Learn Matrix Karate

There are only two Matrix karate courses,
and both are available in Instant Download!

One, the Matrix Karate Course.
It consists of a 160 page book
and 50 minutes of video
where I show you exactly what is in the book.
That course is $29.99.

black belt course



This course is an instant download!

Two, the 119 Video Lessons Matrix Karate Course.
in this course I filmed myself taking a guy
right through the system.
White belt to black belt.
I teach him the forms and techniques,
the two man drills and the freestyle.
You watch as he makes mistakes,
gets his questions answered,
and earns his way to black belt.
And he does it in only a few months!
That course is $59.95.

black belt course

This course is an instant download!

Or, you can get both courses for $74.99.
Up to you.

black belt course

These courses are instant download!

And, no matter what you decide,
I suggest you sign up for the Monster Newsletter.
It is over 700 issues now,
and I give training tips and anecdotes,
wins from students,
and all sorts of other stuff.

Believe me,
there’s a lot of stuff going on here,
and with all sorts of martial arts.
So you really want to sign up for the newsletter.

thanks for reading,
Im not going to get pushy here,
I’ve either convinced you or I haven’t,
so order a course,
or wander around the site and have a good time,
and I’ll talk to you later.

Al Case

What? You Didn’t Push Any Buttons?


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision.

Oh, I know, I said I wasn’t going to get pushy, but…

A complete rundown on the essentials of the True Art
The Mechanics of Power
Three perfectly aligned forms
Perfectly aligned techniques from the forms
a completely matrixed technique (The Infinite Technique)
A bonus section on kicking
A complete matrix of all karate techniques

Incidentally, this one item, this Matrix of Karate Techniques,
will enable you to find all the Karate techniques that you didn’t know!

Other people teach you systems, they teach you what they know,
but they don’t know how to find out what you don’t know,
and they don’t know how to help you find out what you don’t know,
but Matrixing will help you find out what you didn’t know.

So how much would you expect to pay for the information on this course, an entire art, and the ability to analyze and fix your martial art?


Oh, did I mention? When you get Matrix Karate you also get, absolutely free, the Power Kicks Course.

This includes a breakdown of the core kicks, the Kicking Form, and the essential kicking applications that will enable you to have absolutely stunning kicks.

for the single most intense course of instruction you will ever receive…PLUS, the Kicking Course.

Compare that to the price of lessons for a year,
then click on the button.

black belt course

This course is an instant download!

Or…get both the Matrix Karate Course and the 119 lessons for only $74.99!

black belt course

These courses are instant download!



You provided me the insight and raised my level of awareness…. CRC (founder Chung Mu Kwan)


And, before I go on, I want to let you know that everything I offer is money back guarantee. If I don’t deliver exactly what I promise, as described on this website, please let me know and I will refund your money just as soon as I receive your request.

money back




15 thoughts on “Learn Karate Online

  1. Mike Cox

    Hello Sensei Al,
    Let me start by saying I Earned my Black Belt under Sensei Al in the Kang Duk Won and he will make you the best you can be just order his coarse and try it you won’t be sorry. I promise he is one of the most knowledgable teachers i have ever studied under… thanks Mike Cox…
    GO MATRIXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Al

    Oh, Lard. I’m old. If I wasn’t so handsome it would be a tragedy, how old I am. Maybe I should be asking how young are you? Change the subject, get out from under the spotlight. Stop thinking about my coffin. Well, I was born in 1948, so you can do the math, but let me give you a piece of advice…don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER get old. It’s just not worth it. But if you choose not to heed my advice, let me give you another bit of advice…study the martial arts every single day. Never let a day pass without studying. If you’re lying in your death bed with the family gathered and sobbing, if you know you have only a few seconds of life left, have somebody say some lines from a Bruce Lee movie, or maybe give a little Kiyai when you leave your body. You do that…and your life will be worth it. Now, youngster, ten push ups, then do your forms. Signed ~ old doddard Al

  3. Fatima

    hi Sensei :) well i am a female i’m 13 years old i’m interested in Japan i really want to visit that country, and i want to learn karate, can i find any free lessons in this website? =D and well i am just a begginer and i can’t go to any classes -.-” because it is far away from my house and i live in a pretty small country, and i need time to study too :| so i just came to this website to learn karate lessons…
    Thankyou ^-^

  4. Manuel

    Sensei I just want to know how to do all the flips all the videos from youtube didn’t help. Please give me detailed videos so I can do it myself at home. Thanks a lot.

  5. David Martin

    My kids want to learn this art. They are great lover of martial art. But unlikely due to hard study they are not getting proper time to learn this self defense art. I wish there should be good money for a martial art trainer.


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