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Seven Truths About a Real BlAck Belt!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I wanted to be a Black Belt in the worst possible way.

Of course there weren’t many Karate schools, but that didn’t stop me from going to every one I could find. I couldn’t afford lessons, but I could watch.

And I found some  books in the library.

And I posed in front of a mirror.

Then, in 1967, Bruce Lee came along. Man, I was perched in front of that TV every Thursday night watching Kato kick some bad guys ass.

karate tigerAnd I don’t know anybody who wasn’t blown away by the Martial Arts.

Heck, people are still blown away by Bruce Lee to this day. His movies are still number one, and nobody can top him for the fastest, hardest kicks and punches in the world.

I eventually made it down to a martial arts school. My instructor wasn’t Bruce Lee, but he was a nice guy, and I went to those classes without fail, and I was proud of those first belts I earned.

The problem was, the school wasn’t that good.

I don’t know what your first martial art school was like, maybe it was fun like mine, maybe it wasn’t, but the art didn’t work like it was supposed to. I was memorizing these long techniques that would never work on the street, the freestyle was sort of a brawl, and it seemed to take so long.

I mean, it was fun, but I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. And, truth, the instructor was more interested in collecting fees than teaching.

Again, I don’t know how many of you experienced this, but if you did, you’ll be glad to know that a bad system, or instructor, wasn’t your fault. Sure, there are some good schools out there, but there are too many that are run by people who weren’t really qualified black Belts, or were only Black Belts and didn’t know how to teach.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, some of these systems are just ‘put togethers.’ Some of the instructors don’t know Karate, they just teach some sort of made up kickboxing and call it Karate, or whatever art is currently selling.

And, now that I’ve brought it up, it’s almost like there is a conspiracy or something out there. Everybody wants to put you on a ‘car contract,’ four years of lessons, and they are expensive. Sure, I know it’s costly to run a business, but it seems too many instructors want to run a business and lose their passion for teaching.

free karate

Anyway, I managed to get through the first school, and I found a good one, and I’ve spent almost 50 years figuring out how to teach the real Karate.

What do I mean by ‘Real Karate?’

Let me give you some facts.

  1. Real Karate shouldn’t need a contract to force you to take lessons. If the stuff isn’t interesting then it’s not real Karate.
  2. Real Karate should work on the street. The techniques you learn shouldn’t just be boxing, they should be the real thing, but they should work in a real situation; you should be able to stop somebody from clocking you.
  3. Real karate isn’t for tournaments. I don’t care about a trophy, I want to know how to take care of myself, and whoever I happen to be out with.
  4. Real Karate shouldn’t be so expensive it breaks my bank.
  5. Real Karate shouldn’t be a long, laborious procedure of memorizing long moves that, if you tried them on the street you’d get your nose broke half way through.
  6. Real Karate should be easy and intuitive. Yes, I know I have to work, good solid work is always the secret of success, but I want to know that I am doing the right thing, and quickly, not get bogged down in a bunch of mystical bushwah.
  7. Real Karate should be fun. Heck, knowing Karate is being part of brotherhood, and that should definitely be fun.

Okay, those are seven things I think Karate should be. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but here’s my solution. And please understand that this solution is based on nearly fifty years in the martial arts, years spent learning over twenty different martial arts, years in which I became a writer for the Martial Arts Magazines, and even had my own column in Inside Karate.

If you learn Karate online you aren’t locked into some long term contract. It is one price, one time, and with plenty of email support, and even video support.

The stuff I teach works on the street. You have to make it work, but once you’ve put in the work, the techniques that I show are guaranteed to put down the biggest lout, and make it look easy while doing it.

No tournaments. That stuff is bogus. Either you wear pads and don’t get the feeling of reality, or you get too much reality, and what’s the lesson in getting beaten up by some guy who’s bigger than you, and has studied longer than you?

Have I mentioned one price, one time, and your money stays in your bank!

My Karate is NOT long, drawn out techniques that you have to break half your brain trying to remember. It is quick, it is easy, but it is real, based on the way Karate was originally taught 50 years ago. Guaranteed, you’re not going to get your nose broken using my Karate.but you will be able to break some other guys’s nose if you absolutely have to.

mas oyama kills bullGood solid work outs, no fluff material. You will be doing the right thing, and you will feel your progress right from the start. No mystical reasons, nothing but the exact reasons things work or don’t work.

Finally, it’s fun. I wouldn’t bother with stuff that isn’t fun. Sure, you’ll sweat, but a good, hard sweat is always fun.

So those are my seven reasons, and that brings us to the point of it all.

You can get that black belt you always wanted. You don’t have to think you’re a failure, because you’re not. Believe me, the state of some of those old Karate systems…you’re definitely not a failure. The system, or the instructor failed.

And, if you want to get back at those fellow who were teaching sub par martial arts, the best revenge is to go ahead and learn it.

You don’t have to be stopped, not by high fees, or all the bushwah that commercial schools sell you. You can order the Temple Karate Course and do it, and the heck with those sub par instructors. That is the best revenge.

Let me tell you what’s on the Temple Karate course.

Karate was originated in Okinawa, and went to Japan. The main teacher of Japanese Karate was Gichin Funakoshi. In his later years he made an interesting remark about Karate being different than that which he had brought to Japan.

And there is another quote, this one by Hohan Soken: ‘It was only later, when the Americans came to learn, that I changed my ways.’

These quotes, and there are a lot more like them, give truth to the fact that Karate has been changed. And sometimes drastically. I don’t think I would call it a conspiracy, though there are doubtless those who did conduct themselves in such manner, but it goes a long way towards explaining why some people have a difficult time with Karate. It has been changed and altered form what it once was.

And perhaps this is what drives people away form it?

Anyway, I was quite fortunate. I studied a style of Karate from before Gichin Funakoshi, a VERY pure form only a generation removed from the Okinawan founders.

Thus, there are five forms, the Pinans, that are the heart of Karate. When you study at a classical school you will invariably find that the forms past the five Pinans are different. And, they aren’t for the most part, very good. The Pinans have a feel to them that holds true through out the forms. The later forms don’t.

So instead of the classical, I went through all the forms of Karate, and chose five more. These are called: Unsu, Wankin, Hangetsu, Chinto and Sochin.

These are classical forms, but have been modified to have the same feel, so that you are really building your power.

Then there is an 11th form, The Iron Horse. The Iron Horse is the source form when it comes to developing real Karate power.

Now, you only need to learn eight forms to Black Belt, though many people will go ‘form crazy’ and claim you need more.

karate brick breakingBut you don’t need more, you need to understand what you’ve got.

At any rate, having 11 forms is tantamount to having the material to 4th black, or Master ranking.

And these forms are from before the changes the Japanese inflicted upon the karate systems. Before there was any possibility of a ‘conspiracy’ to teach watered down Karate to Americans.

In addition, if you order the Instant Download, there is a special video detailing the actual historical reality of Karate and the forms, and the techniques of those forms. This is an incredibly important section, as it will wipe out all the misunderstandings built around Karate by those instructors who changed the art after it left Okinawa.

So you get the five core forms, five more forms, the Iron Horse, all the applications for those forms, and, if you order by Instant Download, you will get a book and video called ‘Imperial Karate,’ in which I reveal the room Karate was designed for, the actual techniques created to handle samurai and even gun wielding American troops, and the real purposes of the forms.

So here go:

135 minutes of video going through THE source forms of Karate, showing all the techniques as they were taught before the Japanese altered them for teaching Americans.

PLUS, a book and three videos going over the real source of the forms, including the room they were devised for, the strategy they wee meant to enact, and the real techniques hidden int he forms.

And, let me ask you: doesn’t that solve the problem of Karate?

Doesn’t that put you back on the track for a real black belt?

And, yes, we can arrange for video testing if you wish. As i said, I back up all sales with ANYTIME emails and even video instruction.

So, the price being incredible, the karate being pure, there is absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t learn the real Karate, and perhaps complete that dream you’ve always had: to get a real Black Belt.

That’s the best way to have your revenge on those who won’t teach you, who aren’t good isntructors, and who may have gotten in your way.

Here’s the Paypal button.

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black belt course

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Temple karate

If you have ANY problem accessing the course, or if ANY of the downloads (or disks) don’t work IMMEDIATELY email me at:






Everything I offer is money back guarantee. If I don’t deliver exactly what I promise, as described on this website, please let me know and I will refund your money just as soon as I receive your request.

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You provided me the insight and raised my level of awareness…. CRC (founder Chung Mu Kwan) 

15 Responses to Learn Karate Online

  1. sir i want larn kungfu karatay

  2. I want to learn how to defend my self

  3. Hello Sensei Al,
    Let me start by saying I Earned my Black Belt under Sensei Al in the Kang Duk Won and he will make you the best you can be just order his coarse and try it you won’t be sorry. I promise he is one of the most knowledgable teachers i have ever studied under… thanks Mike Cox…
    GO MATRIXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, Lard. I’m old. If I wasn’t so handsome it would be a tragedy, how old I am. Maybe I should be asking how young are you? Change the subject, get out from under the spotlight. Stop thinking about my coffin. Well, I was born in 1948, so you can do the math, but let me give you a piece of advice…don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER get old. It’s just not worth it. But if you choose not to heed my advice, let me give you another bit of advice…study the martial arts every single day. Never let a day pass without studying. If you’re lying in your death bed with the family gathered and sobbing, if you know you have only a few seconds of life left, have somebody say some lines from a Bruce Lee movie, or maybe give a little Kiyai when you leave your body. You do that…and your life will be worth it. Now, youngster, ten push ups, then do your forms. Signed ~ old doddard Al

  5. i would really love to learn karata because me and my friend are in a war.

  6. hi Sensei :) well i am a female i’m 13 years old i’m interested in Japan i really want to visit that country, and i want to learn karate, can i find any free lessons in this website? =D and well i am just a begginer and i can’t go to any classes -.-” because it is far away from my house and i live in a pretty small country, and i need time to study too :| so i just came to this website to learn karate lessons…
    Thankyou ^-^

  7. Sensei I just want to know how to do all the flips all the videos from youtube didn’t help. Please give me detailed videos so I can do it myself at home. Thanks a lot.

  8. My kids want to learn this art. They are great lover of martial art. But unlikely due to hard study they are not getting proper time to learn this self defense art. I wish there should be good money for a martial art trainer.

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