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People study a system of Karate and think they know something.

That’s like saying ‘I ate a slice of pie…so I ate the whole pie!’

Heck, you can’t say you know Karate until you have studied five or six systems. 

So here you go…

free karate boxFor you people who think you get something for nothing…well, you can! Here are basics and drills, how to make forms, and all sorts of stuff. No charge. Put yer mouse here and CLICK!



pan gai noon karate kung fu instructionHere is where Karate came from! This is the style from China which inspired Uechi Ryu, the Sanchin forms, and ALL sorts of other stuff! It’s Clickin’ time!



original karate systemThe most PURE form of Karate in the world! There’s only a couple of people, or phases, between this style and the original founders of Karate! This is the way Karate was done BEFORE Japan! Click right here!



kwon bup american karateThe fellow who made this style of Karate, he was an American, could stick his finger through a board and leave a hole! This is a very hard core, linear, in your face brand of martial arts! Don’t put your finger through the screen…just CLICK HERE!


real karate techniquesOutlaw Karate is the breakdown and synthesis of Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup into something faster, easier, and more workable. No posers, no ‘mystical’ techniques. If you want just the things that work CLICK HERE!



best martial arts in worldThe summation of all these styles, the first science of karate, and of the martial arts, is in Matrix Karate. This is everything stripped down and made logical. Fastest, easiest, most practical style of Karate in the world. GET CLICKIN’!


That’s it for now, but stay tuned. Complete video courses are coming. New book releases. Everything you need to become a true karate master! Join the Monster Newsletter at the top left column!


You aren’t a real master unless you know it all!

27 Responses to Learn Karate Online

  1. sir i want larn kungfu karatay

  2. I want to learn how to defend my self

  3. Hello Sensei Al,
    Let me start by saying I Earned my Black Belt under Sensei Al in the Kang Duk Won and he will make you the best you can be just order his coarse and try it you won’t be sorry. I promise he is one of the most knowledgable teachers i have ever studied under… thanks Mike Cox…
    GO MATRIXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, Lard. I’m old. If I wasn’t so handsome it would be a tragedy, how old I am. Maybe I should be asking how young are you? Change the subject, get out from under the spotlight. Stop thinking about my coffin. Well, I was born in 1948, so you can do the math, but let me give you a piece of advice…don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER get old. It’s just not worth it. But if you choose not to heed my advice, let me give you another bit of advice…study the martial arts every single day. Never let a day pass without studying. If you’re lying in your death bed with the family gathered and sobbing, if you know you have only a few seconds of life left, have somebody say some lines from a Bruce Lee movie, or maybe give a little Kiyai when you leave your body. You do that…and your life will be worth it. Now, youngster, ten push ups, then do your forms. Signed ~ old doddard Al

  5. i would really love to learn karata because me and my friend are in a war.

  6. hi Sensei 🙂 well i am a female i’m 13 years old i’m interested in Japan i really want to visit that country, and i want to learn karate, can i find any free lessons in this website? =D and well i am just a begginer and i can’t go to any classes -.-” because it is far away from my house and i live in a pretty small country, and i need time to study too 😐 so i just came to this website to learn karate lessons…
    Thankyou ^-^

  7. Sensei I just want to know how to do all the flips all the videos from youtube didn’t help. Please give me detailed videos so I can do it myself at home. Thanks a lot.

  8. My kids want to learn this art. They are great lover of martial art. But unlikely due to hard study they are not getting proper time to learn this self defense art. I wish there should be good money for a martial art trainer.

  9. I m the greatest fan of jackie chan nd bruce lee frm both i had learnd tht by knwing krate nd martial art…..a man can protect hmself of any danger nd i think tht everybdy must learn this act nd protct himself…….

  10. l learn gogu-ryu on line step by step

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  17. I will say, after years of training in Karate before I met Al, I have learned that these 5 systems are very important to your training. This path has made my karate what it is today, I have only two students that have been with me for 10 yrs and have come and gone, and returned. Both stated that it wasn’t the same as other places and that they wanted, in their own words, Real Training in Karate. I have a garage dojang and that is about it, but to them it is a temple…speaking of a temple….personally I think Al’s ‘Temple Karate’ should be included in this list.

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