Karate Testimonials

I have over 500 pages of testimonials. These are from a variety of courses. 


Hi Al,

Thanks for your emails and posts. What I appreciate about them is that they always make me think about martial arts differently. I studied Tracy’s kenpo for 9 years and it always seems to me that learning to fight with kenpo was like learning English by reading a dictionary. So many ideas, a lot of them good, some every good, but put together very randomly, so it was never quite clear what to do with those ideas. It seemed like most students would just get so a certain point and stop trying to “do kenpo” and just do whatever came naturally to them. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I always thought there should be more

Anyways. Thanks again. I look forward to the course!

Andrew Johnton


Good evening Sensei,

I have been reading and watching all the lessons and I enjoy them so much. I  have been working on my forms and now working/figuring out the major matrix. I cannot thank you enough on how the lessons clarified Karate for me.  I also want to tell you that I will be purchasing the monkey boxing tonight and also please don’t bother sending me the hard copy of the Master Instructor Course, I am fine with the downloaded file you sent me.



Hello Al,

I got the Matrix Karate DVD about 6 hours ago, and it has been a struggle to keep working and not just turn around and get through ALL the materials in one shot.

I nevertheless took a look at the videos, and in each of the 25 or so times I glanced, I learned something. A stance, a purpose, an idea. This is absolutely awesome. And I will be working hard to get through the materials, and onto practicing the forms.

THANK YOU for putting these things together…what I saw so far taught me more than all the conversations, examples and magazines i’ve got in the last 40 years or so.

Lewis Miranda


…wanted to thank you for all of your work. You are a GREAT teacher, I wish that I would have found out about you when I lived on the west coast. You are truly an inspiration in the martial arts.

Sincerely, Allen Adams


What really hooked me was the Aikido Program. In 1974 I started three years of Aikido and reached first Dan Rank. I have forgotten more than I remember. When I went through your Aikido Discs., it all came back to me but in a new and exciting light. At the risk of sounding like a big old philosophical slob, I felt lighter as I practiced with my son. My senses seamed to be more acute and I could not stop smiling. It made so much sense and my son who had no Aikido training was awesome like he was an old pro.


Very excellent stuff! Needless to say that I was up late last nite going through the material. I am more than thrilled with the purchase. Before I even received the order I knew that your courses were priced too low. My order is more than a bargain.


Your material has been very much an AH HA moment. Keep up the good work.

Cheers, Terry S.


Hi Al. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy all of your DVDs. Since I got the first one I have been hooked. I watch them at home, the office, on my iPod when I travel. Keep up the great work.


I have reviewed other home study programs but am very fond of yours. You have a great presence in front of the camera, but I also like the PDF manuals you include. This makes a big difference.



Been wanting to send this out earlier but didn’t get to it; lots to do to prepare for Iraq.  So far, I’ve gotten the Aikido, Tai Chi, and Master Instructor courses.  I am AMAZED at how you cut through the unnecessary complexities of these arts.  I have never seen anyone explain so simply the real “secrets” of these arts and skills (and I am 39 yrs old and have been a martial “hobbyist” since age 14).  I thank you, sincerely, for offering this information to us out here.  I look forward to really putting in the training time in Iraq.  I’m sure the 12-15 month tour will go quickly with this stuff to look forward to.  Thanks again.  I will be ordering from you again very soon.

Sincerely, Tim


WoW Al,

You just hit me with the sledge hammer of enlightenment!

Never thought about Chi like that. I think I better go rethink the order of the universe now.

Thank you Al.


Recently at a party due to a person stating they are skilled at martial arts (“fighting”), and a friends loose lips I found myself being challenged by this person. Instead of fighting him I gave him some instruction. Needless to say this action surprised him I could tell by his body reaction and facial expressions. Imagine to think they have possibly started a confrontation only to get a physics lesson.

Easily this could have become a confrontation, and someone would have been hurt. However you have reminded me that politeness, is the best method. I attribute this to The Master Instructor Course, and your demeanor in those videos. I do not have to harm someone especially if i have greater martial ability or skill.

Thank you for your time Al Case you are truly The Master Founder.

Michael Alexander Adams.


Dear Master Case,

I recently began study of your “Matrix Karate” course and I am quite delighted.

I really liked how the simplicity of the forms made them instantly accessible in terms of applications.  I think they are a great training tool.  I also really enjoyed the freestyle training and think it is a great central focus as it teaches you to actually apply the techniques, which is something most styles leave out or attempt to teach by doing point sparring.

I also really enjoyed your instruction on kicking.  I agree with what you said about the delivery of the roundhouse kick.  People who lift their knee up and try to flip it over at the last minute to do the kick find that they deliver very little energy. The kicking form is not only a great training tool but also a great workout.

Your saying that “there is an art to destruction, but the true art is in control” has become one of my favorite sayings.  Initially, I took this to mean “control” as in the true art was found in controlling and subduing techniques (Chin Na); however while doing the kata I realized that you meant control of yourself and your balance, breathing, focus, etc.

It is a very well put together course and I look forward to learning from it for a long time to come.

Matthew Schafer


Dear Sensei,

This Matrix Karate is AMAZING!!! Seriously! No BS! I am being a good boy and resisting the temptation of matrixing every art I have ever studied and making it one art. I am focussing solely on the Matrix Karate course, but there is one question; what is the average time frame? I am asking this beause this course is getting really familiar really quickly and I am wondering if I am just being arrogant and thinking I am a gifted student. It’s like I just got into a car and the minute I touched the gas, the thing just took off. Just wondering.

Thank you again and have a great day (and workout)!

Yours respectfully, Alex Cummins


Great article Sensei Al keep them coming!!!!   Mike Cox


Al, if I manage to get to LA would you be my teacher?



Thank you for the information. And as a martial artist I must say you have to be one of the greatest masters of the 21st century. You have so much knowledge it’s amazing. I’ll be looking forward to using your Matrixing concept

Thanks again!

Respectfully yours, Alex Cummins


🙂 I am having so much fun and ease with the Shaolin Butterfly Program. I am currently on Mantis Form right now, and your Dvds are excellent. I love your Menu tune! – Kris


…Then I found your site. WHAT A RELIEF. I Feel very strongly that what I am learning is the real deal, and its so simple. I love how you make it so practical and yet traditional at the same time. You don’t bullshit, and you get straight to the point. I’ve been practicing the Outlaw Karate basics since I’ve ordered it, and let me just tell you, I was practicing the stances and my brother (for some reason he loves surprising me with his feet) did a high kick and I automatically went into right high block.I broke out into the hugest grin, I wish you could’ve been there. Your right, it is easy to pick up, how I am extremely careful of my form and stances.


BTW, you’ve done an excellent job with your work.


Matt Russo


You know, your courses are just too darn good, and I think I’m not going to get tired of saying it ever. Master Instructor is dynamite. I can’t sleep thinking ways of introducing people to the arts, and making the way easy, enjoyable and understandable for them.


Newsletter is bad ass. Awesome, Al. Keep it up.



Hey Al

Just got your monkey boxing course today and put it on my computer at work.Al you really are a genius ! Ive only been reading through it for about 20 minutes and i love it already. Its really given me a buzz.

I Cant wait to get started on it.

Thanks Al !




Just a short email to thank you for your newsletters and journals they are excellent and I enjoy them alot. Its ceertainly true what you wrote that one will be smarter after watching your dvds. So much to learn from them

Sincerely, Ulf


Dear Grandmaster Case:

I have completed the Master Instructor course as well as the Matrix Karate course. I have really enjoyed learning new methods with which to teach my existing students. The biggest thing I got out of both courses was not to bog down a student (or myself) with a ton of information that they may not be ready for; and as such, their retention has markedly improved. Also, I have learned how to verbalize concepts that I previously really could only demonstrate. Both courses have indeed made me a better teacher, and continue to do so- I find myself constantly going back to both manuals.

I am also the self defense instructor for a hospital security department. I only get the opportunity to teach my course annually, which is sadly insufficient. But because of the Matrix concept, I have totally re-structured my self defense program; reducing the number of techniques taught and instead teaching the many applications of fewer techniques. They have responded well to this approach, and I do not find it necessary to correct them as much – I only wish I had more time with them. I have, however, extended an open invitation to them to attend classes at my formal dojo anytime they wish. I have led them to the proverbial water. It is now up to them to drink.

My full name is: William C. Kobbs


Really good letter. I enjoyed it a lot.  I also liked the quotes at the end.  I just thought I’d say “thank you”.

Thanks, Matthew Staley Anderson


In your book the punch you speak of two ways to punch, leting the force run back up the arm or making it pop in the aponents body.

Now you talk about putting out candles and I have seen a demo of a guy breaking blocks, a whole stack and he breaks the 5th one down. Then a light bulb went on

“Did sifu just teach me dim mak!”

If I can control where my punch pops under some of those acu points are vital organs, nerve and vascular plexuses. Is this the secret to the death touch, hmm?

This is some REALLY DEEEP SHIT!!!

There’s more but this eg made me stop and think. Again my hat off to you sir

Louis R


People have killed and built whole temples to hide info like this and you give it so freely.

The sign of a true master

thank you my friend


love your work.

love your style.

love your business model.

a friend,



Wow. I get it now.  Thanks Al! You just opened a new door for me!


I love this newsletter. Thanks, Al. NP


Master Founder Case your House form is Genius.  I really like House3 as it has every thing from Tai Chi, Bagua, Pinans and even some Iron Horse!  I also like your Matrix Karate second form: I see that you paid attention when you researched Uechi ryu!


Master Case

Just wanted to send you a Merry Christmas (abit late) and a Happy New Year. And once again thank you very much for sharing your arts, your material and methodology has greatly impacted how I train and teach, looking forward to ordering more material  and receving more inspiration from you in the new year. It´s to bad Sweden is a bit far to you hehe

Sincerely, Ulf


Happy Holidays–Great newsletter!!!

GM Robert Olah


I purchased your Outlaw Karate Books years ago and enjoyed them. I have been doing martial arts for 49 years and hold 10th Dan rankings. I also have been doing Tai Chi for over 32 years, and you are right, I have never heard of the Five Army theory or Matrixing. But I am always open to learning something new and finding better ways to teach.


Robert Olah, PHD

Grand Master/Founder World Combat Tai Chi Federation & World Kenpo Jujitsu Federation


Al, I’m really looking forward to studying this course. I read most of the articles on your website and was almost sold but the clincher was viewing your youtube channel. Your videos showing the correct execution and starting position of the basic blocks are outstanding. Well-meaning friends have taken time to show me the basic blocks before but none of them trained me to start from the Tan Tien.

Thanks for the inspiration, Al.

Be Well, Yadi


I realized recently after watching/rewatching some of these DVDs I have from you that doing that year-plus of Martial Arts with you actually had a definite and noticeable positive impact on my life.  It’s something that becomes a part of you, how you move, how you act, and absolutely a part of how you consider physical threats.  Actually, it’s funny: I’ve never needed to fight much in my life, but since doing Martial Arts with you I’m completely unconcerned about it.  First of all, because I know I won’t have to.  And behind that, because I know that I could.  And that I would win (not overconfidence but calm assured certainty; I don’t have to prove I can fight.)  But the odd thing is, even though I’ll never have to, and I can just not get into any fights in the first place…I don’t think I could have achieved that state so well, without having first gained the certainty that I can fight and win.  You have to move up through the ability to face force, before you can disregard it.  And I didn’t have that certainty before.  So thank you, very much, for that.  (And I wrote this paragraph so you can throw it in a newsletter if you want to, or stick it on your site or whatever.)

Keep up the good work, big guy.

Have a great workout today!–Mike


For each student to find their own way within the Method, that’s what got my interest when I read the page on “create your own art”.

I have found a few other ways to “create your own art” but they require you to be part of an organization and most of them require at least thirty years experience total and several years teaching. They also require specific ranks..usually ranks I come nowhere near, and often they require ranks in traditional, often Japanese Arts. As you can see I have not trained much in Japanese arts at all much less hold rank in them. I want to have my Method be free from the politics that often accompany and sometimes divide organizations. A way of free expression in the Art.

The Art, ass I describe it to my students is like Art class in high school. You don’t just learn to draw or to paint…you also lean stipple, sculpting, painting with acrylics, painting with oils  pastels, several concepts,several artistic viewpoints, and a large array of techniques. In the long run, in order to be considered an artist the student must, in the end use their assembled knowledge to create their own style, their own Method…their unique way of expressing themselves through their art. That is what I want to  do with my Art.


Hi Al:

Thanks for the detailed reply.


Hi Al:

Many thanks for sending the 3 Month Black Belt Course. Received without any



Have almost finishing the White Belt Lessons. This course is a real Master

Class in karate instruction. All your concepts are explained and

demonstrated with absolute clarity. I have started working through the

Matrix Karate course again but with much more purpose.


I am thinking of taking a friend through the course next year but for a 6

month Black Belt goal. One lesson a week of about 90 min duration with

homework in between. Do you think this is a reasonable goal? We both have

family commitments which means that is all we are able to manage.


Since I never got my Black Belt in my original Traditional TKD, your offer

of providing certification to Black Belt in doing the 3 month course is

music to my ears. It’s always peeved me that I did not test for  BB but I

have  no desire to go back to my original association as I have moved on in

the manner that I train….much of it thanks to your Matrix technologies.

What do I need to provide in terms of videos for you to critique and


In addition after we have complete 3 (6) Month BB what do you suggest we do

next-40 Monkeys or Instant Aikido? Eventually I would like to incorporate

the information of the Core Matrix package  and work deeper thru my core art

of Chang Hon TKD.

Appreciate any comments,

Cheers, Terry S.



Greetings sir! I am a returning customer…I still think The Instructors course should be mandatory for all Instructors!!! …people think that I’m some sort of mystical genius, when I use your Punch & Kick technologies, I always give you credit, it’s still amazes me how someone could watch your dvds and miss the content because it’s not  “movie style” karate..oh well their loss. I am currently teaching for United Studios of Self Defense…Thanks for everything, and please keep up the good work!



Al great newsletter dang #445. Wow I feel like I missed a bunch huh.


master/sifu case

your dvds came in the mail today i must say i am impressed by what i have seen so far look forward to learning what i can from it

thanks alot Casey Martin


Hi Master Al.

I am honored and humbled to be included in your awesome newsletter!

Thank you very much. If my experience inspires someone else to achieve similar results with your Yogata, (along with other Lifestyle changes), it will be successful for all concerned!

Best Regards for a Happy and Healthy (and Wealthy!) Holiday Season,



Yes Sir there R some pretty interesting concepts on your instructionals that I can appreciate.

Thank You,     Ben


Thanks for all your materials and insight into the arts. They have given me pastime that exercise my body, stimulates my mind and calms my spirit.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers, Terry S.



Thanks for the Newletter.  You helped clear some residual crap out of my space.  With a lot of, ” have to be right”,  going on around me right now your forgiveness message reversed a flow I wasn’t aware of and, POW, the lights got brighter.  Thanks.

I also have to say that you are in the grove.  Your messages are brilliant.



Thanks!  Its about Quality and your work is very good!


My friend/teacher;

You motivate many (including me) with your newsletters so keep them coming.  And, YOU stay motivated also.  Leaders, pioneers and innovators such as yourself often find themselves being critiicized by proponents of popular thought and conventional wisdom.  Yes, you may have to tread softly at times in consideration of those fragile minds wrapped in “we been doing it this way for 40 years” mentality. (By the way I am 60 years old and used to be one of them).  But for those of us looking for something more it is exciting as hell to see your thoughts on paper then realized on the dvd’s.

So stay motivated and keep on pushing. God Bless!

Brother Oscar



One of the major accusations of the naysayers ( I have encountered a few ) seems to be the accusation that our style is ” watered down”. This is quite amusing when you think of the origins of that term (catering) in which water would be added to a product to make it go further without adding anything of substance. If you look at it that way it is everybody else who is doing the watered down form & the matrixed arts are the only ones that are not diluted and are pure 100% meat.

Keep up the good work, I will be ordering more courses next month.

Best Wishes



The best testimonial that I can give to Al’s courses is with my checkbook.   When Al comes out with a new course,  I get it.    I’ve got decades of experience in the martial arts, and I always learn new things from his courses. You don’t have to agree with every single approach he takes,  Just study what he teaches with an open mind and you can’t help but learn from him, and your skills as a martial artist will be greatly enhanced by what he offers.   Al,  thanks for making these great courses available for such affordable prices!

Michael M.

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