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Free Karate and the Belt System!

Before you get started on the Free Karate, you should know a few things.

Karate is based on a belt system. Most systems are something like this…

    • free karate

      Karate Side Kick


    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Green
    • 3rd Brown
    • 2nd Brown
    • 1st Brown
    • 1st Black
    • 2nd Black

and so on.

I structure my system ┬álike this…

    • White Belt (Beginner)
    • Green Belt (intermediate)
    • Brown Belt (Advanced)
    • Black Belt (Expert)

and there are grades of Black Belt.

The reason I do this is because I teach faster. I am not stuck in classical class structure, which was actually developed to teach school children in Okinawa.

The unfortunate truth is that once Karate instructors realized they could keep a fellow studying longer, and make more money, they kept teaching in the classical manner…even though it was one of the most inefficient teaching methods in the world!

The system I teach I renamed as Matrix Karate. It is the mother system of all Karate, as it has been scientifically developed to take into account ALL angles of attack, and to teach ALL karate responses possible.

It is MUCH more intuitive and easier to learn, and therefore easier to apply in a real life situation.

Thus, if you have been studying another form of Karate, such as Shotokan, or Goju, or whatever, I suggest picking up Matrix Karate, as offered in the 119 lesson course, as that will put order to the random strings of techniques that you have been learning, and make total sense of Karate.

Okay, you have a basic knowledge of what we are doing, so let’s get started on your Free Karate Lessons!

This has been a page about free karate.

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