Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I really Learn Karate off the internet?

You can learn how to play the guitar, how to be an investor, how to operate a computer. The internet is glutted with courses designed to help people learn outside of an official classroom, many from prestigious and long established colleges. To answer your question: YES!

Don’t I need a partner? How real is this going to be without a partner?

It’s as real as you make it. Learning Karate, learning any martial art, it is advised that you get friends, lots of friends, and learn how to make the techniques work on the different body sizes and shapes. The difference here is that you get to pick the kind of people you work out with. You also don’t have to drive distances, and you can make better use of your time. Further, you can design your own curriculum, and change it as it needs to be changed.

How long are the lessons?

The lessons are as long as you wish to make them. There are descriptions of the courses and what are on them on the individual pages. I will say that each lesson is a unique step forward. There is very little repeat data, and each lesson should result in a better, stronger you.

Can I show this stuff to my kid brother?

Look, this site is for everybody. Share it with your wife, brother, cousin, the man in the moon. There are no limits here. There are no politics. Period.

Can I test for a belt?

Yes, but you will not be granted a belt until you show that you know the specific forms and techniques in the art in which you are testing. There will be no ‘paper tigers’ here. The testing procedure is you must have a copy of the art you are testing in, and you must have a copy of the Master Instructor Course. All corrections will be based on those materials. There won’t be any surprises or politics or extra sell or anything. First video is free, $20 a video after that. Most people are able to pass within two or three v ideos, but it can take longer. I will be totally honest with you after I have seen your first video as to how long I think it will take you. Contact me at aganzul@gmail.com if you have further questions.

What is this Matrixing thing?

Matrixing is a logical approach to the martial arts. It took me over twenty years to figure it out, and I have been selling it for a half dozen years. I have around 500 pages of testimonials from people who have tried Matrixing. I do have a free book I give to people who are interested in learning about Matrixing. Email me at aganzul@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Free Matrixing Book.’ I will send you a copy of the book and you will be signed up for the Monster Martial Arts Newsletter.

Who are you? What is your experience in the Martial Arts.

I began the martial arts in 1967 with Chinese Kenpo. I moved to the Kang Duk Won and studied a version of Karate that is pre-Funakoshi, and avoids all the politics and tournament bushwah. I studied many other arts over the years, including tai chi and pa kua and shaolin and so on. I eventually became a writer and columnist for Inside Karate and other martial arts magazines. I’m getting older now, and I have an IMMENSE amount of knowledge that should be shared.

Any questions can be put in the comment boxes at the bottom of the articles and blog. Personal questions can be directed to me at Aganzul@gmail.com. Any questions that might be useful to others may end up on this page.

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