How Long Does It Take To Get A Karate Black Belt

An Answer to the Question: How Long Does It Take To Get A Karate Black Belt?

How long does it take to get a Karate black belt is one of the first questions that new students have. You can hear this question asked in regards to a taekwondo black belt, or any martial arts black belt, but whatever martial art you are referring to, there are wildly inflated opinions as to how long it should take to reach dan ranking in karate, taewkondo, or any martial art.

karate black belt

To get your black belt certification takes five years, claimed one website I recently perused. A blog I visited went on a tirade claiming that less than 4 years karate practice would not qualify one for a real black belt. One popular MA forum had scores of classical students foaming at the mouth over black belt degrees.

So, I have a fellow who started in October, and it is now April, and he is getting close to his black belt. That’s just over a half year. In fact, he marveled the other day that it had only taken him about forty actual hours of ¬†instruction to get close to an expert ranking.

Before you started shaping a noose and looking for a handy limb, let me make a couple of points about how long it takes to get a karate black belt or a martial arts black belt of any kind. Mastering an activity is more based on your knowledge, not how many push ups (forms, techniques, etc.) you can do. And the fact is that with the correct training a person can master an astounding variety of difficult physical movements within 6 months.

Start training in acrobatics. In six months they will have you doing some very nice back flips and somersaults and all that sort of thing. These movement are often more difficult than most karate moves.

One of my martial arts teaching secrets is that I don’t throw a fellow into a classroom full of students who don’t have any real knowledge and expect him to learn something just by doing what they are doing. I don’t tell my karate students that doing a kata will, in fifteen or so years, open the doors for him (it might, but my way is faster and works better). Instead, I teach the exact physics of the martial arts, physics, and this is not done anywhere else that I know of.

The other thing I do is focus on learning three forms well, instead of a dozen unrelated forms. The kata I teach are matrixed, so they make sense and input easily, they have two man versions, and they cover all real and usable martial arts techniques. I am not interested in giving a work out (though that happens); I am giving knowledge–I am in a classroom, not a training hall for action junkies.

My student is already showing full intuition, and this inside of six months instead of the usual three or four years. He can put together attack combinations with no hesitation, and with enough power to knock a grizzly bear over. Using my training methods, and taking out the useless techniques any martial art can be learned in a half year–and that is how long it takes to get a karate black belt, or a martial arts black belt of any sort.

If you want more information on how I am making great martial artists way faster than anybody else, check out my Black Belt Course.

karate black belt

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