Karate Freestyle–The Door to a New Life! (video!)

Karate Freestyle

Karate Freestyle is the most efficient method for learning how to defend yourself against real life situations. The drills and forms, all the techniques, they are there just to help you become calm and confident, and to knock the crap out of the next home invader, mugger, terrorists, or whatever, that you meet.

karate style

One Style of Karate to Rule Them All!

Now, you need a partner, and you need some serious instruction in how to do Karate Kumite if you are going to learn without hurting yourself. The video on this page shows how easy Karate Kumite is to learn, if you have a good Karate Teacher who provides good Karate Instruction.

I always recommend learning Matrix Karate first. It is the fastest, most intuitive way to learn how to do freestyle in the world. Further, it opens the door to advanced freestyle techniques that the older, more classical methods do not.

An example of Karate Kumite!

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