Karate Punches

Karate Punches

You’ve simply got to have a great Karate Punch. What is the point of knowing all the self defense moves and the forms and all if you can’t punch somebody so hard their head turns around and falls off their neck. Right? So these articles deal with nothing but increasing your power. Oddly, at the higher levels you don’t increase punching power, you increase chi power. That’s the point of the candle punching technique.

Five Steps to Make a Hard Punch It isn’t how hard you hit…it’s how smart you hit!

Old Time Iron Fists Create Power Karate! You had to be a fanatic in the old days. You had to be crazy.

Karate Punching Techniques and Putting Out a Candle. How to put out a candle from over a foot a way.

The Karate Punch…Which of the Two Punches is Better? Understanding these small differences can make a huge impact on your combat strategy!

A Hard Punch in Karate: Steel Finger Martial Arts Drills Here are some exercises that will give you hard fists…and the hard punch that comes with it!

 Want a Hard Punch? Do Lots of ‘Punch Ups!’ Here is the drill that will make your punches strong enough to knock done an elephant!



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