Karate Warm Ups

Here is a list of Karate warm ups. They can be used to get ready for the more rigorous movements in a work out. They can also be used to cool down, or even, in some form, to rehabilitate after injury. I will be putting pictures to the descriptions as time goes on.


stand and stretch ~ stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Slowly touch the ground with your fingertips, then raise up and lean back as you spread the hands out and to the sides. Repeat ten times.

side bends ~ raise hands to a point above your head, lean first to one side, then the other.

squat ~ from a standing position bend at the knees and raise the hands to the front. Keep the feet flat. Repeat ten times for each side.

single leg squat ~ Legs spread double shoulder width. Squat first on one leg, then raise up, squat on the other one, and so on. Repeat ten times for each side.

sitting spread legged stretches ~ sit with the legs spread and alternate touching the toes. ten times each side.

sit ups ~ lay on your back with your knees sightly bent, and clasp your hands behind your head. Bend and touch the knees with the elbows. Ten times.

push ups ~ 100 on the palms, then go to the fists, then half fists, and so on.


Obviously, you can expand on these exercises, and should If you are weak in an area, do more work in it. For instance, your arms aren’t strong enough, do more push ups, and vary them (hands in, hands out, placing hands wider, placing them closer with thumbs and forefingers touching) and so on.

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