The Karate Kick: Four Ways to Build Massive Power!

Karate Kick Power: Build It With Four Easy Drills!

A Good Karate Kick is one of the best weapons you can develop. Not only are Karate kicks cardio intensive, giving an instant sweat during a work out, but they are one heck of a deadly weapon. After all, most people don’t know how to use their legs, and the karateka who does know how to increase kicking power is going to have an instant advantage.

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Of course, it takes work to improve kicking power. But if you take your time and learn the proper leg kick drills…you can have power popping kicks of the first order. That said, that said, here are some great karate drills for building your leg power up.

The first drill is to stand in place and kick. You don’t need fancy stances, you can even place your hand on the wall, and do the kicking at a moderate speed. The idea here is to look at your legs and analyze how your body has to move to make them into good weapons.

The second drill you are going to use stances. Take a simple front snap kick, groin level to begin, and do it with the rear leg from a front stance. Examine all your stances, kicking with the foot that is not supporting your weight.

The third drill, and this is going to be tougher, is to use your weight leg for the kicking. This means you must figure out how to kick with the leg you are standing on. Again, go through the various stances, but this time analyze how to hop so that the leg you do not have weight on replaces the leg you are standing on, and the leg you are standing on executes the kick.

The fourth drill is to change the direction you are kicking in. This is going to require some quick contorting motions of the body. Simply do the kicking drill described in the last paragraph, but this time set your stance facing north (for instance), and kick to north, then kick to the west, then the east, then the south.

Now, some things to remember as you cycle through these four drills. Don’t be one of these do ten kicks and take a break students. Do a hundred kicks, a couple of hundred, three hundred, and more!

The idea is to make your legs as quick and flexible as your hands, yet as powerful as a donkey’s kick. So work on your legs with these drills, and learn how to do a lot of relaxing. It won’t be long before your kicks will be quick and easy as using a fork, and you will be able to end any fight with a mere flick of the foot.

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