Karate History

Karate History

This page is about Karate History. We will repeat legends…and try to get to the bottom of them. We will trace martial arts lineages and evolution, and see just who did what and when. Enjoy. Make sure you add any suggestions or comments int he comment box below. Your input is appreciated.

Martial Arts Belt Ranking Made EasyThe Truth About Martial Arts Belt Ranking

Is White Crane Kung Fu the Missing Karate Link? ~ White Crane Kung Fu Leads to Karate!

The Transition from Kung Fu to Karate ~ Kung Fu to Karate?

The Ancient Beginnings of Karate ~ You Can Learn Karate Online

Where Real Karate Came From! ~ Tracing the Path of Where Real Karate Came From

The Spread of Authentic Karate ~ Tracing the Path of Authentic Karate

True Karate and the Korean Connection ~ True Karate is Alive

The Appearance of American Karate…Pure Karate ~ American Karate is a Pure Karate

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If you understand karate history you will know karate better.

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