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Outlaw Karate ~ The Secret of the One Year Karate Black Belt

I had studied Kenpo, Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup, Aikido, a form of Kendo, and lots of other stuff, and I was having a heck of a time. The reason was that even with just these few systems, the sheer amount of data was overwhelming. I mean, there were differences, and how could I extract the technique I wanted for a fight, and be sure it was the right one? And freestyle wasn’t the same as the forms. And weapons didn’t fit into all the systems. And the throws didn’t work because…and so on.

outlaw karate

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Now, I know you know what I’m talking about. There is just so much stuff these days it is incredible. In fact, I was probably fortunate enough, back then, that I didn’t know more systems. At any rate, the result of all my questioning and research was that I was able to put together a course that resulted in a black belt in one year.

I know what you’re thinking. Fluffy stuff. But it wasn’t. It was the real goods. In fact, many years later I taught it to my son, and it ended up saving his life. I’ll tell you about that later, first let me finish telling you about this one year Black Belt program.

What I did was take all the workable techniques of the Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup and put them together in a series of six short forms.

No poser techniques where the other guy holds still while you do your thing.

No unreal techniques where your set up or position is so bad the other guy has plenty of opportunity to take you apart.

No…this was just the techniques that were short, sweet, and to the point. This was the nothing but the most workable techniques of pure Karate.

Now, you still have to work, work like the dickens, but the work will be faster because there is no bushwah, only hard core, workable, punch ’em in the face Karate.

Honestly, if people knew what real karate was, they would never speak ill of it. You look at an attacker, you move before he moves, your punch has your whole body behind it, and when you hit…man.

I had a friend who was just messing around, and he did a classical low block, and broke the other guys leg in two places. How the hell do you break a bone in two places with one block? Well, he actually sheered a section of bone apart from the main.

Anyway, I wanted that kind of classical power, and I wanted to be able to teach it fast, so I boiled the bushwah out, worked out like a maniac, and the result was a faster, leaner, meaner, harder punching system.

I mean…it worked!

So, a dozen or so years my son wanted to learn martial arts. He was due to leave the nest in about a year, so I knew that was all the time I had, and I quickly resurrected the Outlaw Karate.

There were six of us in that class, and we sweated until the walls were wet. We had to constantly check the floor because the joices were creaking to a near scream. There were injuries galore, but nobody missed a class, it was that intense.

So, Aaron leaves home, gets a job, and he’s walking down the street one day. It was sunny, early morning, and he was on his way to work. Suddenly two bums jumped him. They must have figured he was easy meat, because he was young, and his suit and tie made him look sort of geeky. Hey, he’s my son, but if you look like a geek…grin.

Anyway, the fight lasted about five seconds. He kicked one guy in the face, broke the other guys arm on the way to a head stomp, then kicked the other guy again. He kicked him so hard the guy flew through air and collided with a parking meter, the pole of which actually bent under the impact of the flying body!

Holy s**t!

Bent the Fn meter pole?

So Outlaw worked, and it worked well. It’s the art I chose to teach my son, and if he hadn’t know it, those two bums would have beaten the crap out of him, possibly crippled or even killed him.

But he knew Outlaw Karate.

So, do you want my personal system? A combination of two of the hardest core Karates ever created? A quick system that, if you work hard, can bring down the baddest gangster, the nuttiest thug, the biggest…you get the idea.

Okey doke, here’s the deal…Outlaw Karate is only going to cost ten bucks, that’s the price of a hamburger! But you’re going to be able to make hamburger out of anybody who messes with you, and that’s a promise!

What you’re going to get is a 157 page book detailing the exact forms and the actual techniques of this art. This is over 300 photos, nearly 15,000 words, and believe me, anybody who says Karate doesn’t work has never read this book. I mean, this is the absolute boiled down best of two of the deadliest karate systems I ever learned!

So click on the PayPal Donate button below, and after you pay you will be directed to a page where you can download it. So, two minutes, and you can have the hardest fist, the swiftest kick, and a combination of two systems that is unFnbeatable!

Here’s the button…

In One Year a Black Belt could be yours!

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  2. Hoping this special technique karate has the know of how to end a conflict with the least resistance

  3. Robert Bussiere

    I ordered the book. I will try it and will keep a journal and then get back to you at times with my progress.

    The first report will be the day I have the book in hand, and then we will see if this works, if it really can be learned in a year!

  4. How do you grade/test?

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