American Karate System Saves a Life!

American Karate System Works!

Isn’t it time you learned an American Karate System?

My son was sixteen years old when he finally asked me to teach him the martial arts, and I decided to teach him Outlaw Karate, which is a purely American Karate System. At the time I had a couple of decades of experience. I had lots of martial arts systems under my belt, lots of things to show him, but Outlaw was the best I had to offer.

Outlaw Karate is a one year black belt system I devised by combining kang duk won and kwon bup, two of the meanest, nastiest systems ever made.

I taught him for a year, and it was the most brutal class I ever taught. Five other fellows were in the class, they were always bruised…almost to the point of breaking. To this day, when I see these fellows, there is a magnificent grin in their eyes.

Now the whole purpose of karate is self defense. One hopes never to use the self defense techniques they learn. But, if they have to use it, they’d better win, else…why bother getting mugged in the first place, right?

One day my son was on his way to work. It was a bright, sunny California morning. He sauntered along the sidewalk without a care.

american karate style

“Hey, man, got some money?” My son said no to the bum and shook his head, and he noted that while the first bum followed him, there was a second bum. The second bum disappeared behind the building that my son was walking past.

“Hey, man, I said I want some money!” The first bum came towards my son, who was backing away. Suddenly he felt a body flying down on him, and realized that the second bum had circled the building and was jumping from a fence!

Spinning, Aaron kicked the second bum in the face, and the bum laid down on the sidewalk. The other bum grabbed his shoulder and pulled, and Aaron ducked and executed a jointlock to the elbow, then started bouncing the bum’s head between his knee and his elbow. The other bum got to his feet, staggered towards Aaron and threw a fist, and Aaron blocked and knocked the fellow six feet through the air and into a parking meter pole, which pole bent severely.

The fight was over, and Aaron stood there for a moment. Then, nothing else to do, he shrugged his shoulders and continued on to work. The bums were bigger than him, heavier than him, but his art, the art I had created out of the meanest, nastiest, most functional karate I knew, had worked.

It’s been years since that fight, and since that time I learned more arts, and I have other things that I prefer to teach. Still, that breakthrough art, which I called Outlaw Karate, is still one of the most efficient arts I know.
Amreican Karate

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