5 The Appearance of American Karate…Pure Karate

American Karate is a Pure Karate(part five)

When it comes to Pure Karate, one of the earliest pioneers of American Karate was a fellow name of Don Buck, sometimes called the Tiger of Benicia. He taught a style of Karate called Kyokushin, which was descended from Shotokan.

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Was this man responsible for the first true American Karate?

Sensei Buck is somewhat of a legend. He was a favorite student of Karate legend Mas Oyama. Mas Oyama, as most people know, was well known for killing or sheearing the horns off of bulls, breaking massive stacks (30) of roofing tiles, and other feats of strength. He was a true Karate fanatic.

Sensei Buck was a like minded fanatic, and he is said to be the only person in history to have gone through the famous 100 man kumite of Kokushin without a single loss.

One of Sensei Buck’s students was a young man named Bob Babich. Mr. Babich was extremely soft spoken, and looked up to by all. He was a martial artist of uncommon dedication, and a teacher of incredible talent.

Eventually Sensei Babich met Norman Rha, the two moved in together, and Bob began learning the Kang Duk Won.

Why Sensei Babich gave up the Kyokushin for Kang Duk Won is anybody’s guess, and this author can only surmise that, once again, there was a ‘pull,’ a ‘draw,’ something about the Kang Duk Won that spoke to people.

This was not an obsession of power, but rather something that spoke of a high degree of martial evolution.

At any rate, Mr. Babich did choose the Kang Duk Won, and he opened a school in San Jose, California, and it was at that school that this author learned from him.

This was in the late sixties, and the author was already an instructor in Chinese Kenpo.  He gave up that instructorship and began again for one simple reason: the Kang Duk Won spoke to him, drew him, gave evidence of a spiritual evolution that could be had if one was to dedicate oneself.

If you would like to have the Kang Duk Won, see the original forms and techniques, actually see what Karate was like before it was adjusted for tournaments, slanted to make money…see what it was like in its samurai killing beginnings, you should click on I want the Kang Duk Won. No matter what style of Karate you happen to be studying, there is a real education in seeing and comparing the original to what you are doing now. It will give you a much deeper understanding of Karate, and the martial arts on the whole.

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  1. I see here it says was Bob Babich which I agree and he opened his dojo in 1960. My father who was his Sensei opened his Dojo with Birney Jarvis in 1957 in San Francisco.
    Juts to let you know and thanks fo mentioning my father. OSU!

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