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What Have They Done to Your Martial Art?

NOTE: this is the Matrix Karate Course, and has the book and videos in which I present the art. It is half the price of the Black Belt Karate Course, in which I give 119 lessons.

It can take lifetimes to learn an Art if that Art is out of order, missing chunks, taught incorrectly, corrupted by other influences, mixed with other Arts, and so on. The only way to de-corrupt your Art is to learn Matrixing.

These are just some of the things that have been done to the martial arts.

  • matrix karateTrying to put two or more arts together.
  • Altering the art to make it better for tournaments.
  • Altering the art to make it better for reality.
  • Altering the art to be part of an organization.
  • Altering the art for religious purposes.
  • Altering the art to teach kids.
  • Altering the art to teach different nationalities.
  • Altering the art to be polite.
  • And so on.

Take a look at the above list again, and ask if your art could have been compromised for any of those reasons? The best thing to do is to start right at the beginning and learn how to de-corrupt arts, to take them apart and get rid of those things that have compromised it and made it less than it should be, less than it originally was.

The science of Matrixing, and it is a real science, will de-corrupt ANY martial art. It is the first of the matrixing courses, and it contains the core principles of Matrixing.

Karate was one of the first arts to arrive in the United States, and it has had tremendous impact on other arts and training methods. For this reason I chose Karate as the first step in teaching Matrixing.

When you order Matrix Karate you not only get a complete system of Karate, you get the tools to fix ANY martial art in the world.


Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and flow (direction). Matrixing is a specific set of principles which, when applied to a Martial Art, reveal data that is missing, highlights data that is false, improperly placed, or which otherwise compromises and corrupts an Art. An Art that has been Matrixed becomes pure and logical, and able to be absorbed 10 Xs faster! Consider the following analogy:

If I gave you 4,  6, 2, 9, 3, 1, 7, and Z, and a shaved cat…you would never find ten. If I gave you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9…you would most certainly find ten…and nobody could stop you from finding ten.

While Matrixing is specific to the Martial Arts, it can be used in any field. If the Art you are studying hasn’t been matrixed, it is corrupted. Period.


This is a complete Art. It includes forms, applications, and the core concepts of Matrixing. The material is presented on vidoes and a 164 page training manual.

This is a perfect Karate, it has not been corrupted by culture, special interests, language, religion, or anything else! Because the data is in the right order, and because it is correct, it isn’t learned so much as absorbed. IT WILL DE-CORRUPT ANY MARTIAL ART YOU STUDY!


Order Matrix Karate now and receive a special, FREE, bonus course…THE ENTIRE POWER KICKS COURSE!

This course, including the book and the bonus Kicking Course, are all available as Instant Download.

You could be studying Matrix Karate within two minutes!

$24.99 + S&H. That is a complete art, AND THE SCIENCE OF MATRIXING! For not much more than the price of a movie.


Martial Arts book


BTW ~ This is the Matrix Karate Course, which is different from the 119 lessons on the Black Belt Karate Course. They are both Matrix Karate, but the one on this page is the original book and video, the Black Belt Course is the videos of me teaching the course to somebody.


You provided me the insight and raised my level of awareness…. CRC (founder Chung Mu Kwan)

You are giving so much to us all, how can we repay you?–RD (Canemaster/Defendo)

With a Matrix approach the pieces fall into place and the student’s eyes open!–JW (certified acupuncturist/Chinese medicine)

Each day I am noticing more and more how Matrixing is helping people with not just martial arts, but THINKING. HH (TV producer)

I love your site: martial arts is about passing on your teachings, not holding back for an extra fee.–John C/school owner

My perception and awareness of my own body have gone up tremendously.–WG (10 yrs exp)

This course taught me more about teaching than every single martial arts school I have ever visited in my entire life.–HH (20 yrs exp/founder Hsu’s Martial Arts Academy)

These are the things the Best martial artists in the world JUST SIMPLY KNOW. The only problem is they don’t know how to teach them.–FG

I realized I was in contact with something which would definitely alter the world of martial arts

As I reread all my books on Aikido I found myself using the Matrix theories and understanding it all.–SD (26 yrs exp/triple black belt)

When you take a Matrix approach to these arts it puts it all in a different light…a nice bright understandable light. You can’t use what you don’t understand !

After 35 years in the arts I thought I knew a lot, but you are teaching me a whole new world.

My brain is just buzzing away ready to go into overload. I have been taught so much and learned so little.

I find your instruction clear and universal. The logic of Matrixing is true.

After day two I am finding it all coming together remarkably quickly.

I’ve been so impressed with the courses that I ordered 3 more!

I would never become a master if I didn’t know how it all fits together.  Now I do!–SN (30 yrs exp/multiple black belts)

Thanks for all the work you are doing to free millions of martial arts students from wasting a lot of time and money. RG

BTW ~ Matrix Karate is what I am teaching on the Black Belt Karate Course!

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