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Win #8 Another Win From The Old Master Instructor Course

I’m glad I started posting these old wins, they rejuvenate me, and they tell people what I am really doing…from the ground up. This one is from Nehemiah, the guy I usually bounce around on the courses. The guy is a phenomenal martial artist, I was lucky to teach him. Here’s a snippet of us on one of the courses. Scroll on down for his win.

Nehemiah’s WIN–I have a real ability to get my students to duplicate and understand anything that I might teach them, fully and completely, no matter the subject. For example: in addition to martial arts, I also have a dance class, swing, specifically, and I have found that it flows much more smoothly. With the tools that I have acquired, and learned to use with the completion of this course, I can comfortably state that I am an Instructor, through and through.?Thanks Al, for the tech you have created for us aspiring teachers. Can’t wait for the next course. Infinite Affinity, Nehemiah Lewrel The thing I love is that his knowledge is not conditional on having a degree…but rather from actual knowledge that nobody can argue with. This makes him absolutely confident, absolves him of any hint of overbearing attitude, and students really appreciate that. You can find out more about the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts. Have a great day. Al