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Win #17–There is Something So Liberating About Real Karate Power!

We’re not just talking about the ability to one punch some bozo and send him sleeping into next week…although that is good…no, we are talking about the thrilling energy that fills the body when you finally get and understand pure Karate Power! Here’s a win from somebody who saw the truth of karate…

When I got into the classical study program I learned of and was made to experience the true, raw power that a linear martial artist can achieve.–NL

Here’s a vid snip of me doing one my favorite pan gai noon technique. I work it against a variety of attack combos, and the technique never fails me. It’s in the end of the second Pan Gai Noon forms.

You see, most arts are designed for karate kids. Or, worse, karate tournaments. This waters down the techniques. I studied karate back in the sixties, in one of the original Korean Kwans, and we generated a power there that I have not seen in any modern school The times…they have changed. Anyway, I don’t think Karate is real karate unless you pump up that energy and learn how to use it. If you want to see some good and real karate, just go to the menu at the top of this page and check out some of the systems I have.