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Most Powerful Punch Karate Training Methods!

Good Karate Training will Give You the Most Powerful Punch!

I always liked the karate training methods for making the most powerful punch. Some of them worked…and some of them resulted in injury to the student. Here’s a quick rundown on them.
Bashing the fist against a tree. Damages the fist, sometimes badly, requiring even years to heal.
Punching a Makiwara. Okay, long as you don’t over do it. Fifty punches per hand is recommended by some.
Thrusting fingers into cauldrons of heated iron pellets. Right out of the kung fu movies. The real sequence is to thrust spear hands into sand, build up to pellets (over months and even years), and finally thrust them into iron pellets.
We used to spear hand the sand, and it worked, but it took time. I haven’t met anybody who has reached the iron pellet stage of training, but hey, go for it! Just make sure you use plenty of dit da jow hand curing herbal solutions.
Push ups on palms, then fists, then half fists, then outstretched fingers, then thumbs, then two fingers, then one finger. Fantstic training method. Works lke a charm. Takes the brute out of force and teaches that the secret of true muscularity is in balance.
And, there are others, but this should hold you for now. Gonna take a while to get on top of that single finger, right? Happy work outs to you, but this karate training method is guaranteed to give you the most powerful punch. BTW, pick up a free book while you’re on my site.

Those Who Talk Karate…and Those Who Do Karate

There are people who surf the net, google ‘Karate fighting,’ and thinks it’s so cool to see Kimbo Slice knock the crap out of some idiot.

Then there are those people who actively look for forms and techniques, study the moves, and think about what has happened.

The first guy is a Beavis and Butthead fellow, and these guys are why I don’t usually allow comments on my videos. They aren’t going to say anything nice. They drink beer and snicker and have an opinion…and know not facts.

The second guy is sincere and interested in what is happening. He’s comparing what he’s observing, searching for a truth. Chances are, this second guy has a kicking bag out in the backshed, or a homemade makiwara on a fencepost, and he even goes out in the backyard on a weekend day and works on these things called forms.

There’s two types of people in life. Always choose the second for your friends. Beavis and Butthead will just light you on fire and snicker. The second kind will help you move your refrigerator, lend you five when you’re short, and even come to your kid’s birthday party.

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