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Free Karate Lessons Are A Fantastic Way To Learn Martial Arts!

My official beginning in the study of the martial arts was back in the late sixties. I walked into an Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Dojo, signed a contract, and began to learn Martial Arts. The truth, however, is that I had been getting free Karate Lessons for a long time before I walked into that school. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about it.

They weren’t much, as far as martial arts lessons went, but they did the trick. They kept my attention, and they kept me happy. After all, they were the best type of physical and mental conditioning, they were a good way to learn I could handle the bullies, and they were fun.

The first thing that caught my interest was knuckle conditioning. We used to knock our knuckles on walls and fences and boxes and anything that got in our way. That resulted in a lifelong interest in good conditioning, different types of punches, and a desire to have the hardest punch I could have.

The second thing I learned was simple arm bars. This was good, as simple things always work the best. To this day I take the most complex of fighting techniques and look for the simplest method of making them work.

The third thing I gleaned had to do with learning how the different parts of the body worked. I examined feet, hands, arms, legs, how the joints worked, the back, everything I could. I even read medical books trying to understand how the body worked.

Fourth, I engaged in a rudimentary sort of grappling. This was good because I took away from that experience the lesson that grappling wasn’t handy for fighting. You grapple, and you are tied up, and somebody else runs up and kicks the back of your head, and there might be weapons involved, and…no thanks.

The main thing I discovered from reading books, working with friends, and just having fun pretending we were big and tough, was that sweat worked. The hours we spent lifting iron, running, wrestling, and trying those techniques from out of old Bruce Tegner books and the like…they were golden hours. It was a youth that built strength, character, and the desire to go forward.

The point I am making in this article is that the martial arts aren’t for everybody. So look around on the web, Google Free Karate lessons, (I always recommend Karate as a great art to start your martial arts with) or some other like term, and see what comes up. Do a few tricks, see if they work on friends, and find out if you have the character and kind of mind to be a student of Karate.

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Learn Karate Online is the Best Game in Town!

Learn Karate Online!

The best way to learn Karate is to learn Karate Online.
No traffic, no gas for the car, NO MONTHLY FEES, just suit up when you want to, and start learning.
People have been asking me for years to put more courses online, to offer black belt certification in different arts, and to let people take advantage of my over forty years in the martial arts.
No waiting for the slow guy in class to get it, no impatient looks if you happen to be the slow guy, just learn at your own pace…what you like and when you want it!
So I started Learn Karate Online. It’s the best game in town, no one can beat it, and the URL is, what else…Learn Karate Online!

I’m sorry, but when it comes to Karate, or any martial art, there are so many that talk, and so few that do.

Most people surf the net, look for Kimbo Slice and the latest beat ’em up. They google things like ‘Karate fighting,’ or ‘kung fu vs karate,’ or ‘streetfight.’

What are they looking for? A thrill. A moment of blood rush. A moment out of the boredom that they have become.

How do you really get out of the boredom you have come? You must change yourself.

How do you change yourself? You look for real martial arts on the net. You study the techniques and list the forms and compare the arts.

Then you order a course, or go to a local martial arts school. You get out of your boredom and you make it happen. You learn to enjoy the sweat, and to laugh about the pain. You come closer to life, to the truth, to yourself.

Or you sit at a computor and surf the net.

Where is the real you. Is it in these pixels that fascinate you so? Or is it in doing something, making something happen, changing yourself?

Drop on by Monster Martial Arts if you want to change yourself. It’s a different way of looking at things, a way that you will never see on the computer screen.

I love you.

Karate Instructor Sees the Light, Teaches the True Art!

Most Karate instructor courses are boot camp, or an accelerated form of ‘monkey see-monkey do,’ or just a bunch of extra forms to learn. Actually, an instructor has to know specialized data, none of which is taught on the instructor courses I’ve seen. Here’s what happened when one fellow saw the data on the Master Instructor Course.

“As I started reading the Instructor Course things that I had been teaching started to become clearer. I could see why you had chosen one move over another in each form. And for the first time I could really explain to my students not only the whys and hows, but how to take the core moves and expand it to fit any situation.

My students have started coming up to me after class telling me how much more they are enjoying it, and that the classes have stopped being so ridged and now flow in a kind of give and take between me and them. I have stopped being a task master and started having fun and letting them teach me as well.

I also now found that I can more easily critique techniques that I see others as well as my own. I can almost feel what is a pure technique that belongs to an art and one that someone just threw in because they thought it looked pretty.”

This is the mark of a good teacher. The ability to see technique or form and know instantly what is right with it, and what is wrong.

Feel free to check out my Master Instructor page. It works not just for a karate instructor, but for any art, because it deals with the true principles of the MartialArts.Pick up a free ebook on the home page while you’re there.

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