I’m sorry, but when it comes to Karate, or any martial art, there are so many that talk, and so few that do.

Most people surf the net, look for Kimbo Slice and the latest beat ’em up. They google things like ‘Karate fighting,’ or ‘kung fu vs karate,’ or ‘streetfight.’

What are they looking for? A thrill. A moment of blood rush. A moment out of the boredom that they have become.

How do you really get out of the boredom you have come? You must change yourself.

How do you change yourself? You look for real martial arts on the net. You study the techniques and list the forms and compare the arts.

Then you order a course, or go to a local martial arts school. You get out of your boredom and you make it happen. You learn to enjoy the sweat, and to laugh about the pain. You come closer to life, to the truth, to yourself.

Or you sit at a computor and surf the net.

Where is the real you. Is it in these pixels that fascinate you so? Or is it in doing something, making something happen, changing yourself?

Drop on by Monster Martial Arts if you want to change yourself. It’s a different way of looking at things, a way that you will never see on the computer screen.

I love you.

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