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The Singular Attack of MMA Jujitsu v Karate Style Classical Martial Arts

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A Good Stance is a Good Defense Against a Single Leg Takedown!

The one thing I am always asked aout, as an instructor, is what do you do about the MMA Jujitsu type of attack. This isn’t just jujitsu, it’s wrestling, or any art where you take somebody down.

The attack is dive with a grab for the leg, and zingo bingo, you’re on the ground. At least, that’s the way it is in the MMA and the UFC.

Well, not really. You’ll notice that fighters in the octagon are relying on the single leg takedown less and less.

And, it used to be that nobody would even try it. Just too risky, somebody could clock you in the head while you’re bent over grabbing a leg, or maybe just knee you in the face. It just wasn’t a good attack.

What happened to make it popular?

What happened is that people who specialized in it entered the ring. People who spent hours a day working on that one martial arts technique  look unbeatable, so everybody decided that was the unbeatable technique.

What they should have done was realize that it wasn’t the technique, it was the dedicated training regimen. You put in an hour a day on single leg takedowns for a year and you will be able to do them to most people. Unless that ‘people’ has spent an hour a dya learning how to avoid that martial arts technique.

I am not attacking MMA or Jujitsu, or wrestling or any other sport. I am just advocating that people need to get more dedicated, then such thigns as the single leg takedown won’t look so great.

Truth, you need to be a well rounded martial artist with good conditioning and a healthy mind set.

Truth, while the single leg takedown is a great technique, you may want to avoid it on the street. It’s dangerous to roll around in the blood and the mud and the beer…and while the friends of the guy you’re fighting are coming arunning.

If you want a really well rounded approach to the martial arts, check out Monster Martial Arts. There’s an article there which will detail how to round yourself out. It is called ‘What’s Wrong with the Art?’ I hope it will help abuse people of lop sided training methods that result in such things as putting MMA Jujitsu v Classical Martial Arts.