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Secret Technique in Pinan Five Karate Form

I’m speaking of the Crossed Knife Hands raised to protect the head.

When you do this move you circle the hands clockwise, then left horizontal backfist, then punch. Youa re obviously slap and swinging the attacking hand (holding a club or knife or whatever) in a circle, and backfisting the guy in the center of the chest.

Well, it’s understandable. Ain’tnothing wrong with it, but…there’s something else there.

Take a look at the vid snip, then let me explain…

The fact of the matter is that the technique makes more sense if you circle the hands clockwise into an armbar or elbow roll. Much better.

So why do it the other way? Because there is a hip twist and whole body movement potential, which, if done correctly, can crack the chestplate of an armored samurai.

It takes power, it takes technique, but it is possible.

But people don’t really get the hip connection,

or learn how to power up the hands so they really explode all the way from the tan tien. That’s the difference, you know. Real karate out of the McDojo mess that many people learn.

It ain’t the tournament that’s important, man. It’s the power. Classical Karate Power that results in whole body energy surging down the limbs to the fists…and you can crack armor.

You can download Pinan Five, with all the techniques and the original power, allĀ  for only ten bucks. Go to the menu at the top of the page and check out Kang Duk Won. It’s the best deal since Christmas!

Or, if you’re interested in the video snippet, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts and check out Temple Karate.

Doing the Pinan Five Jump Backwards!

Doing the Pinan Five jump backwards? Am I crazy?

Well, don’t answer that.

I did a blog, you see, on the Matrix Martial Arts blogsite, about the value of doing your forms backwards. Not just listing the techniques backwards, but reversing motion. Now, the one technique that drove me to distraction, was trying to do the jump midway through the kata. How do you jump backwards? To jump forwards you get extra height by swinging one leg. But to do it backwards from the X stance you land in…how do you swing backwards? It turns into a brute force of a technique, and I never did get the reverse swing to the starting position figured out.

But I did figure out that swinging the leg doesn’t work if somebody is swinging a pole at your legs. Ouch! So there is a part of the technique that aids the physical education of the thing, but there is a part of the technique where you shouldn’t swing the leg, but just brute force launch yourself over the swinging pole.

Go ahead. Try it. It’ll tweak your art, and your bunkai.

Take a look at Temple Karate, it has Pinan Five in it, but it is a little different. After all, I’ve had over forty years to tweak the sucker.

Make sure you pick up the free book on Matrixing while you’re there.