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Secret Technique in Pinan Five Karate Form

I’m speaking of the Crossed Knife Hands raised to protect the head.

When you do this move you circle the hands clockwise, then left horizontal backfist, then punch. Youa re obviously slap and swinging the attacking hand (holding a club or knife or whatever) in a circle, and backfisting the guy in the center of the chest.

Well, it’s understandable. Ain’tnothing wrong with it, but…there’s something else there.

Take a look at the vid snip, then let me explain…

The fact of the matter is that the technique makes more sense if you circle the hands clockwise into an armbar or elbow roll. Much better.

So why do it the other way? Because there is a hip twist and whole body movement potential, which, if done correctly, can crack the chestplate of an armored samurai.

It takes power, it takes technique, but it is possible.

But people don’t really get the hip connection,

or learn how to power up the hands so they really explode all the way from the tan tien. That’s the difference, you know. Real karate out of the McDojo mess that many people learn.

It ain’t the tournament that’s important, man. It’s the power. Classical Karate Power that results in whole body energy surging down the limbs to the fists…and you can crack armor.

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Top Three Reasons Classical Karate Techniques Don’t Always Work–What You Can Do About It!

I’m going to tell you three reasons exactly why Classical Karate Techniques Don’t Work. Some of these reasons you’re going to be able to fix. Some of them you’re not.

The most obvious Karate Bunkai, and I’m talking about the ones taken directly from the form, don’t work is that they are poser. A Poser technique is one wherein the attacker makes his attack, then holds his pose while the defender makes the technique work. Of course, that’s not really making a technique work.One can go through his martial art and toss out poser techniques, but therein lies a huge problem.

The reason you don’t want to throw out posers ties directly into the second reason bunkai often prove unworkable, these poser tricks are often an evolution to a technique that does work. In fact, while there are many posers that should be tossed, the fact is that many of the posers lead directly into the techniques that are so Fng unstoppable it is unbelievable. Remember, one of the original talents that the originators of Karate had was the ability to disarm a samurai. That takes some kind of technique.

And we come to the third reason, which ties back to the second and first reason. People don’t understand the basics. They don’t take the time to look into the poser techniques until they understand the higher evolutions of art. Actually, when I say basics, I mean basic/basics, the reasons underlying the basics. Heck, when I watch some classical karate classes it is obvious that many instructors don’t even know that the basic/basics exist.

The point of this blog has been to point out three reasons Karate is sometimes less than workable, and to help you deal with them. The unfortunate news, as you will find out when you start shuffling your posers around and trying to eliminate them, you can’t just throw them out. Throwing a low ranking poser out will toss out the higher evolution technique that really works.

This is where Matrixing comes in. Matrixing doesn’t just throw out the exact posers that should be thrown out, it restructures the art, reconnects the lower evolution moves with the higher evolution moves. But it doesn’t do this for you, it gives you the knowledge so that you can do the restructuring. No art, no method, has ever done this before; there has never been anything like Matrixing in the martial arts on this planet. Ever. But if you use Matrixing, you’ll be able to resurrect the power of the original Karate, make all those Classical Karate Techniques work, and without destroying your art in the process.

You can find out how to Matrix your Karate at Matrix Karate.

Win #35–Defining the True Art through Karate Bunkai

It’s pretty obvious that this concept, of defining art by the workability of Karate Bunkai has to be pushed through every and all martial arts. Call it Karate Application, Karate Technique, or whatever, if it doesn’t work, don’t do it, and throw it out of your art.

If it is a poser, get rid of it.

If it is bushwah (hit him in the big toe to disable him), get rid of it.

This is not to say that you should get rid of beginning or intermediate techniques which build response and lead to the real thing. This is not to say you should strip your system of energy or breathing techniques, but you should define them more exactly. But…here’s a win.

…has allowed me to perfect the function of my system. Thats the difference between the True Art and everything else. ‘Function.’ Now I have a martial art system that functions at a very High level I might had. I highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to be an instructor of True Martial Arts.Sincere Thanks Again, Dr Charles R Cashmere Md.,Phd Founder Chung

You do your system, find out what works, what can be kept because it will lead to increased workability, and you define the bulk of your system. Again, be careful, you don’t want to strip the art entire, and just say you’re going MMA, you’d be losing out on the true art. But do get lean and mean and make your art work, and the best way to do this is to make those Karate bunkai work, or to analyze and work them until they do work. Period.

If you want to take a look at a stripped down, functional work of Karate, check out Perfect Karate. It’s absolutely free.

Win #4 Do You Know How to Use Karate in a Fight?

Before we start, here’s a form I’ve been doing for a while. Works pretty good, and I can actually use the form in freestyle.

I love this win, because a lot of people don’t really know how to use Karate in a fight. They think it is forms, a bunch of dry exercises, posing. Man, Real Karate is definitely not that!
We used to do the forms to get strong and fast, then we took those suckers apart and figured out how to use them on the mat.
There was a fellow back then, name of Ron, used to clean up the mat with me. I asked him how valuable forms were to him. He started using Kata techniques on me in freestyle! Imean, right out of the form, and I was double ass kicked! Sucker knew how to fight, and it was because he knew how to understand the forms.
Here’s the win from a guy I taught forms to.
I now know what to do if I get in a fight and how to avoid a fight. I am very confident in what I am doing. I feel great about my skill and efficiency. I loved this course because it was short and concise with an end result of certainty and knowledge of martial arts. It was great. Love–Herb S.
Do you see it? Not cocky, not a bully, just confident. That’s what realknowledge does for you, that’s what real karate does, and if you know how to read the forsm then you’ll know how to use karate in a fight.
You guys take care, and I’ll see ya over at MonsterMartialArts.com