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What is Real Karate?

So many systems, which one is right? Which one is the Real Karate?
Well, let’s see. The Americans created their versions from Japan, for the most part.
The Japanese created their versions from the Okinawans, for the most part.
The Okinawans created their versions from the Chinese, for the most part.
Hmmm. Could their be no True Karate?
Well, there is, but it is not what you think. See, if you render Karate into simple moves based in physics, then you end up with MAtrix Karate, and from that one could extrapolate all versions.
That’s right, Matrix Karate isn’t a version. It is the scienctific breakdown of all Karate systems, and the result is something slick and sweet and easy to learn.
Don’t believe me?
First, check out the video right below. It shows me dissecting Pinan Five, maning sense out of a form that people say you have study for years to understand.
Next, head over to my site and take a free lesson. See if what I say is simple and easy to do…and makes sense. If it does, then you know you’re in the right place. The name of the site is Learn Karate Online, and it is the home of Real Karate.

Car Crash Karate…and I Thought I was Studying the True MArtial Art!

I thought I was studying Karate, but I really wasn’t. I was just breaking my body down, one punch at a time, and getting little benefit. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you how I broke through to real Karate.

I read stories of the old masters, and I wondered why I was totally flattened out, why I was in a plateau that never ended.
Eventually, I started getting headaches with every punch I threw. I’d throw a gentle punch so I could work out, but if I ever threw a hard punch…whamo! Instant migraine.
Don’t get me wrong, I was learning, learning all sorts of stuff, but I wasn’t making the big break through that the masters of legends made.
Finally, having had enough of the headache punches, I thought of my instructor. He had made the breakthrough, yet he wasn’t a huge blast of power, he was gnelte, and polite, and modest, and humble, and…hmmm.
So I thought about Karate, and something my instructor said…A tight fist is a heavy fist.
And the light went on.
I had been striking with all my power, tensing my whole body, exploding massive amounts of energy. He was like a noodle, flicking little jolts that incapacitated.
So I started putting my whole body in position, but tightening only the fist. Whole billboards of lights went on.
By tensing the whole body it was like I was crashing a car into a wall, again and again. But one doesn’t break down the wall of the mind, one slips through the chinks and comes out the other side.
Mind you, it wasn’t the snap of kenpo punches, it was the whole body of karate, but the body didn’t tense, it just lined up behind the fist.
The idea that Karate, or any martial art, is nothing more than a blast of energy and power and all that…is totally and utterly false.
I lost my headaches, I discovered ways of rolling power through my tan tien and snapping it. It was more shaolin than karate, but it was really just true karate, the karate that the masters of old, who had had more direct connection to shaolin, had practiced.
It was more tai chi chuan than karate, but it was really just true Karate.
It was so many things. It was energy made liquid, energy pulsed, energy gentle…there was so much potential here it is almost overwhelming.
It was more than body…it was an energy body that I lived in. Drop on by Learn Karate Online and sample a free lesson. Sample it carefully, because you’ll notice that I don’t move hard and fast, I move deliberately and with awareness. True Karate, and it is not longer a car crash.

The Problem is that Matrix Karate is Too Fast!

Within the Karate Fist is Great Spirit

Matrix Karate is too fast, what a weird complaint, eh? Yet, it is true.

When I am running the Matrix drill on the Three Month Black Belt course, you can see the speed of learning, and it is amazing. Logic replaces randomity, and the student suddenly opens his eyes, and we’re off to the races.

And, there is nothing that can match the reality of the drill. The strikes are all hard, the blocks are all tested by the drill, and everything makes sense.

The problem is that I don’t have time to make my student smooth. He just catches on too fast, and one has to validate his knowledge as it grows, or you risk miring the student…he will start doubting himself if you don’t do this.

But, I’d rather have a guy who is real, and knows the fighting connection, than is pretty. When you think about it, pretty is a state of polish. Now that I’ve got him to Black Belt his intuition has turned on, and polishing is going to be very fast and efficient.

Anyway, we’re about to start the next segment of his training, and it’s going to be fun. Matrix Karate may have been too fast, but the benefits can’t be refuted, and now it is time to polish. Check out my page on the Three Month Black Course. You’ll probably understand what I’m saying when you see what my student says in his testimonial/win.

What Real Karate Is

First you learn to block and punch, go through some bruises, get excited about fighting, and that sort of thing.

If you are in a real system fighting starts to become secondary, you start working on silencing the inner chatter in your mind.

To concentrate on one thing, to the exclusion of extraneous thoughts in your head.

This is the real point of it all, can you get rid of so many thoughts that your head is silent all the time?

If your head is getting silent all the time, you are doing real karate. If it is not getting silent all the time, you are not.

This can be applied to other martial arts, but I found it easiest to perceive in Karate. Of course, that might just be me.

But it doesn’t happen in an art that isn’t a real art.

If you are interested in smooth and slick training programs that result in a silent head, come on over to Monster Martial Arts. It’s good stuff.

Guy Gets His Butt Kicked and Realizes What The True Karate Is!

Here’s something about True Karate.

“After getting my black belt, I started fighting in semi-professional kick boxing matches. However, I eventually got beaten by a little Thai kid, and realized that all my years of karate training had little actual use in a real fight.”

Believe it or not, this is actually part of a big win. The guy was on the road to Lump City. He was going to lose his teeth, get cauliflower ears, and end up slurring his words. Instead, he learned an art whereby he retains his good sense, gets MORE good sense, and ends up being an artist with an art that can save his life without the need for weekly ring muggings.

That’s the problem, you see. A lot of the MMA training is based around being tougher, how much can you take. It is…a weekly mugging.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t make sense to get mugged to learn how to not get mugged. Why not just learn the real art, avoid situations where you have to get in a fight, but know that you have an art that will evolve your intuition so you know when a fight is coming, and give you the real world tools to save your life when the fit hits the shan!

That’s the difference between what you see in the ring, or in one of those MMA gyms that have gone bad (they all haven’t gone bad, but enough of them have), or in a McDojo, and putting Matrixing in your art, and ending up with a True Karate under your belt.

You know, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you can actually get a free book about this matrixing thing at Monster Martial Arts.

Win #65

False Karate Makes You Suffer, True Karate Makes You…Forever

I had a fellow write in a win, and he included this quote, which I found most interesting, and showed the true depth of the student, and showed that he was studying True Karate.

Sri Nisargatta Maharaj once said, “It is always the false that makes you suffer, the false desires and fears, the false values and ideas, the false relationships between people. Abandon the false and you are free of pain; truth makes happy, truth liberates.”

We can take this, on the surface, to be a reflection of our lives. Do we lie to our friends? Do we lie to our enemies? Do our lives become lies?

Taken a little deeper, is your karate a false karate? Are the principles physically sound? Do you end up craving the joy of combat? Or do you feel the deep peace and satisfaction at the end of every workout…the peace and satisfaction that puts aside the weapons and the hostility in the soul?

Karate is deeper than words, for words rarely echo, but the practice of true karate results in your self knowledge. If you feel more ‘I am’ at the end of your workout, then you are doing True Karate.

You can find out more about True Karate at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free book while you’re there. Win #54

Win #30–Hands on Transmission of True Karate Possible Over Time and Distance

The key to learning True Karate has previously been through what I call a hands on transmission of data. That is, you have to share the art by having physical contact with the teacher, by learning the forms and techniques through direct instruction. The really neat thing is that I’ve been able to break this ‘barrier.’ Read this win.

“You are a master. You have opened me up to things that I have never thought of before.” KFM

And I thank KFM for his kind words. The truth of the matter is that the art is learned by physical doing. If somebody does the forms–but knows the correct data–then the form will reveal the art to him. This is such a simple but astounding truth, and it leads to this conclusion: I’ve helped KYM, gave him a few pointers, but he opened the door himself. Once he saw the correct data, the true art could not be denied him. That’s just the way the martial arts, and truth, work.

Here’s a vid snip of the good old Iron Horse (Tekki).

Have a great day, and good skill with your seeking of the True Karate.

Go here if you want a free book on True Karate, and see if what I am saying about a hands on transmission of data is possible.