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What You don’t Want to Do to A Karate Black Belt!

Karate Black Belt is Looking Good!

I earned my karate black belt in 1974. Back then we didn’t have all the karate equipment and martial arts supplies and stuff.

I was in Chinese Kenpo Karate at first, and we received neat, new belts with each promotion. I had an Orange Belt and a Blue Belt and Green Belt and all the other rank symbols.

karate black belt

Peter Urban properly dressed


Then I went to the Kang Duk Won, and belts weren’t the issue there. Knowledge was the point of it all.

I had gotten a white belt with my uniform, and my sensei told me, when I got my first promotion at the Kang Duk Won I was told to dye it.

So I put it in a pot, added dye, and the thing shrank a litte, but it was still workable.

For some belts we had to go into ladies fabric shops (blush) and get iron on strips of cloth.

By the time I reached Black Belt I had a beaten up short strip of belt that looked like it had been through the ringer.

So, I admit it, I bought my first real belt. It was long enough, it looked good, but it was…stiff.

Well, I had done enough already, actually buying a belt was a bit proud, so I just worked out hard and hoped nobody noticed the overly prideful guy with the NEW belt.

And it eventually work it’s way into a comfortable rag.

Speaking of rags, I should tell you about the artificial aging of belts. Some guys bought belts, and to make them look old, they would take a razor blade and shred the edges of the belts. They would have half a dozen belts, all artificially aged and cool looking.

Unfortunately, the karate these guys practiced wasnt’ aged, and it looked artificial.

And there were guys who would drag their belts in the dirt, scuff them by walking on them, and so on, just to look cool and official and aged.

I actually don’t wear a belt anymore. And my classes are so small that I don’t need to have people wear belts. So we actually practice in street clothes, which is what we would wear if we were attacked on the street.

Still, I remember my bouts with pride, and my first karate black belt, and the honor it was to wear it.

Win #30–Hands on Transmission of True Karate Possible Over Time and Distance

The key to learning True Karate has previously been through what I call a hands on transmission of data. That is, you have to share the art by having physical contact with the teacher, by learning the forms and techniques through direct instruction. The really neat thing is that I’ve been able to break this ‘barrier.’ Read this win.

“You are a master. You have opened me up to things that I have never thought of before.” KFM

And I thank KFM for his kind words. The truth of the matter is that the art is learned by physical doing. If somebody does the forms–but knows the correct data–then the form will reveal the art to him. This is such a simple but astounding truth, and it leads to this conclusion: I’ve helped KYM, gave him a few pointers, but he opened the door himself. Once he saw the correct data, the true art could not be denied him. That’s just the way the martial arts, and truth, work.

Here’s a vid snip of the good old Iron Horse (Tekki).

Have a great day, and good skill with your seeking of the True Karate.

Go here if you want a free book on True Karate, and see if what I am saying about a hands on transmission of data is possible.

A Kid Gets Black Belts in Two Different Arts!

Man, I know, this looks like utterly shameless advertising, and I’ve got to admit that I like it, but…I ask people for wins after classes, but I don’t demand. After all, they either win or they don’t. The good news is that everybody gives me wins, and the permission to share them. The also good news is this…I didn’t tell Forrest what to say. Incidentally, he’s the kid I am disarming in the blinding steel video on my youtube channel. If you like the video snippet here, check out my youtube channel. Just type in aganzul on youtube and you’ll find me.

Before I started Al Case Martial Arts I was very shy and though not completely unable to fight, I didn’t really KNOW what I was doing. I had gone to a few other classes before Al’s. In one of these classes the first two hours was actually them teaching me to do a cart-wheel into a jump-kick(no joke). Though this can look very pretty, it really has little if any true application. I mean, I guess you could do a cart-wheel to get out of danger and then jump kick a random guy to your left. But then there’s always the question, “Why not just step to the side?” This is the kind of martial arts I like to call, “The Jump Kick Variety,” (the kind with little TRUE application.) So, as you may have guessed I stopped going to this class and began my search for something that could actually do SOMETHING. And sure enough I found it. And sure enough it could actually do something. In fact it taught me more in five minutes then all of the other classes I’ve ever taken. Within a year and a half I had Black Belts in TWO DIFFERENT ARTS!!! This was able to be done because Al Case has discovered some of the Basic/Basics that most instructors don’t REALLY EVEN KNOW. When I found out how and why I was doing certain moves, and what really made them work, It just put in the missing piece to making the martial arts really applicable! These are the things that the Best martial artists in the world JUST SIMPLY KNOW. But the only problem is that they don’t know how to teach it. Well, Al Case actually discovered the EXACT Technology on how to teach the martial arts so you can learn it fast and easily! As well as the real reason some things work and some don’t. And the real cause of failure in the martial arts. But the really amazing part about all this, is the amazingly LOW PRICE. I can promise that for the value of the knowledge and ability gained by one class alone, there is not a better system on EARTH.?FW

BTW, Forrest was fifteen or sixteen at the time, I believe. Thanks for reading.