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Friends in the Martial Arts

Analyze Everything...Leave Nothing to Chance!

How odd.
There are billions of people on this planet…how many do you know?
You probably become acquaintances with a couple of thousand during your life.
You probably know a couple of hundred by name.
You probably have about ten or twenty that you can call friends.

Here’s the interesting thing, through the martial arts I have far more than ten or twenty that I can call friends. There are people that I studied with, and we’re talking back over fortry years, that, met again, the friendship is as solid as ever.
There is just something about sharing combat with a fellow that bonds you closer than ever.
The good news is that this is the type of combat where you don’t kill people, you just fatasize and plan and strategize until you have no desire to kill, and all you are left with is friends.
How odd.

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Win #33–How to Get the Most Out of Karate Kata

This is an absolutely fascinating win concerning Karate Kata, as the fellow is going through what I had gone through, and he came up with some core concepts for how to Study Karate forms.

Thank you for being so open and accessible. I have for many years enjoyed your articles and columns. I always thought it was funny that they had you in there making traditionalists mad and then Dave Lowry in the next column making the eclectics (artists) mad and the both of you would generate more readership and letters to the editor over your subject matter. If you’ll recall your article on the basic form you created that you referred to as house. I added the mirror image to the other side and created a second one based on the same structure and have taught these as the first two katas in my system. If you cut them in half (or back in half as the first one goes) they are great to also teach ADD kids and mentally handicapped people. Thank you for that article. Too many of the “grand poobas” these days believe they are too high and mighty to speak to someone if they are not this rank or in good with them somehow.?Take care!?     David Woods

You do your forms reverse side, backwards (reversing motion, not just doing the sequence backwards), and any other way you can think of. It’s not matrixing, but it is pretty darned powerful. You’ll find some strange things going on in your mind, and you start to undo the ‘robotic’ traditions you may have absorbed.

There’s a free karate book going over some of the forms David was working on at one of my sites.

Win #31–A Great Win from a Kenpo Master

It’s interesting to note that most instructor courses are boot camps on toughing it out. As if becoming tougher makes a guy an instructor.

An instructor should have knowledge, and the ability to get that knowledge acorss to the student. If you understand this last sentence, then you understand the spirit in which the Master Instructor course was done.

Data. Pure and simple. Me to you. You to student. That’s all.

The joy is that it is the correct data. Here’s a win from a fellow who studies kenpo.

The benefits of the material in this master instructor course far ?outweigh the price paid. The things that I have gleaned and continue to glean could fill volumes of tomes. I have gained an unshakeable foundation in my art and have begun to bridge all the gaps of knowledge that I had been left with from previous instructors. Where was this information 24 years ago? This course is one of the best things to ever happen to me. ?Thank you Al Case for the gift of knowledge! Be blessed my teacher, Rev. Ernest A. Ross

Man, can’t argue with a win like this. He saw, he used, and the data is him. Any Kenpo student can become a kenpo master by understanding the data on this course. Period.

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Win #27–Beating Pain through Good Karate Technique

There are two types of pain: one is the warning that you are getting damaged, and the other is used to grow yourself.

If you are in danger of being damaged, back off. Fight again another day.

But, if you can appreciate pain, then you can use it.

When somebody blocks, breath into your tan tien, and send a flow of energy down the blocking arm. Make your arm tight. Let the energy become rigid. Now, something is going to happen…you have a decision to make.

If you decide to take the pain, it is going to hurt.

But, if you jump back, and make a decision that it’s not going to hurt, that the other guy is going to hurt himself…then it will be so.

Here’s a win from one of my students.

“I am more willing now to confront pain. Obviously pain is not a great thing but when it does occur I am more easily able to confront it and continue on with what I am doing. I don’t have to run away every time I experience a bit of pain.”

Look, it’s a decision, and it is one of those decisions that only Karate will bring you to.

So, do you want to experience pain? Or do you want to make up your mind that it doesn’t hurt…period.

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Win #25–Why People Fight Before They Learn Karate

And, if they are fighting before they learn karate, what happens to them that they don’t fight after they start learning karate.

The fact is, once you start making a plan for an emergency, the emergency doesn’t happen. This is one of those universe oddities.

The mugger won’t jump you while you’re looking…he’ll jump you when you’re not looking.

Where awareness is, you see, trouble doesn’t start. Here’s a totally generic win that is exactly on the spot.

“It’s not ironic that I’ve not had a physical confrontation since beginning my martial arts training under Al Case. What’s more interesting is that I enjoy this new life style.”

Now, you don’t know karate? Or some other martial art? You are a walking target. You will, somehow, actually cause somebody to jump you.

Let’s not talk about lack of confidence, or an inability to take care of business…you’re just unaware in a field of study that demands awareness, and once begun, you will always be protected by that awareness.

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Don’t get mugged on the way. Heh.